30 Innovative Products That Make People Say “I Need It”

Published 3 years ago

The coolest, most clever, and innovative products can be found on a subreddit called r/INEEEEDIT. Its 564 K members share some amazing product designs that are not only well-built but also practical. A moderator of this subreddit, u/abrownn told Bored Panda, “Unconventional but utilitarian things or high-quality/craftsman-style items do the best here. They are all things that already exist in other forms but they’re modified, unique, utilitarian, etc.”

No wonder lots of people want to own these products! From a candle that makes a new candle with its melting wax to adorable penguin egg cookers, they are creative, cool, smart, interesting, cute, funny, and what not! Scroll below to have a look at these products and decide for yourself if you need it or not!

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#1 This Phone Throne

Image source: abakhai

#2 Adorable Penguin Egg Cooker

Image source: captain-envious

#3 This T-Shirt

Image source: BigTimeDeals

#4 Awesome Black Out Curtains

Image source: Drumma516

#5 Noise-Cancelling Dog House That Can Keep Your Pup Calm During Fireworks And Thunderstorms (A Prototype By Ford, Using Technology Created For High-End Vehicles)

Image source: abrownn

#6 Wooden Lamp That Looks Like It’s Burning

Image source: Krusader67

#7 Radioactive Drop Nightlight

Image source: ronnie1211

#8 Animal-Saving Escape Ramp For Pools. This Could Be Extremely Important For Any Animal That Could Drown In Someone’s Pool

Image source: iggyazaleasucks

#9 Cat-themed Cards

Image source: AdNoctumOne

#10 Julius Cesar Pencil Holder

Image source: reddit.com

#11 This Flash Drive That Shows How Full It Is

Image source: nikesucks

#12 House Key

Image source: Master1718

#13 This Bed

Image source: -Syriix-

#14 A Charger That Sits Flat When Using So That You Don’t Bend And Break It

Image source: dontfukthat

#15 Alternative Slide To Stairs

Image source: SkeyTv

#16 Toothbrush Holder That Drains Into The Sink

Image source: GeneReddit123

#17 Eraser That “Transforms” Into Mount Fuji After Use

Image source: squid50s

#18 A Mop That Looks Like One Of Those Dogs That Look Like A Mop

Image source: PeterBeast37

#19 This 3D Moon Lamp

Image source: anonymous

#20 These Loch Ness Monster Soup Ladles

Image source: RighteousNeighbor

#21 This Candle Which Makes A New Candle From Its Melted Wax

Image source: 118829

#22 This Charging Chord Designed To Eliminate Unnecessary Slack

Image source: azgrunt

#23 This Purse

Image source: BigTimeDeals

#24 3-D Printed Faucet

Image source: mak-nil

#25 Office Swings

Image source: reddit.com

#26 This Wooden Robot Drinks Cabinet

Image source: _Do_Not_Eat_

#27 All The Hooks And Shelves You Need

Image source: DealNerd

#28 This Inception Coffee Table

Image source: MrWiggleIt

#29 This Yoda Bookend That Looks Like Yoda Is Holding The Books Up With The Force

Image source: reddit.com

#30 Rook Tower Pack-Away Chess Set

Image source: reddit.com


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