45 People Who Got Awesome Leg Tattoos

Published 5 years ago

With tattoos becoming less of a taboo each year, as more and more people are getting inked, it can be a real struggle to come up with designs that are both unique and good looking. Tired of more traditional arm or chest tattoos, some people are choosing to get tattoos on their legs – not only is there plenty of space to unleash your creativity, but leg tattoos are also much easier to cover up if needed.

“Many artists consider the legs a little less attractive as a placement for their tattoos because tattoos on legs stay hidden more and don’t get much exposure. This is true of course,” said Swedish tattoo artist Sebastian Quick in an interview with Bored Panda. “Another issue might be hair. Bushy, black hairs are for sure going to affect the entire piece. In those cases, well. What can I say, its a bummer.”


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#1 Stunning Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Image source: fabio_tattooartist

#2 Healed Moby Dick Piece

Image source: mistertroshin

The tattoo artist says many people don’t even consider their legs when it comes to getting a tattoo and more people choose to tattoo their upper bodies.”A leg tattoo naturally gets much less attention compared to the arms for example, but that can be a good thing too! For example if we’re doing a piece with a very personal meaning and the client doesn’t want to show it off at all times,” says Sebastian. “The legs are also perfect for large size tattoos that at the same time remain more hidden.”

#3 Leg Tattoo

Image source: art_tattaow

#4 Awesome Full Leg Egypt Concept

Image source: lumina_tattoo_studio

The tattoo artist warns that even though you might be tempted to get your legs tattooed, there are some painful spots, especially the back of the knee and any other places where thin skin is stretched over the bone. “Also some people experience a lot of pain on the hips, and anywhere near the groin is sensitive for sure. The back of the leg generally seems to be a bit more sensitive than the front. The inside of the leg more sensitive than the outside,” says Sebastian.

#5 Leg Tattoo

Image source: official_tattoo_gram

#6 Beautiful Realism Poppy

Image source: gilbertavita

“A tattoo on a back, for example, calls for more symmetry, but a leg is naturally calling for a more dynamic design with more flow and movement. And speaking of size once again, for example, a tattoo on the hip plus the side of the thigh can be made in size 50 cm tall x 20 cm wide. That’s a proper size for reference, the full length of my back is the same as my hip and thigh,” says the tattoo artist.

Sebastian says ‘leg sleeves’ aren’t as popular as arm sleeves and he wishes to do more of these projects. See the amazing leg tattoos in the gallery below and don’t forget to check out more of Sebastian’s works on his Facebook and Instagram!

#7 First Session Of A Legend

Image source: pirojenko_tattoo

#8 Mind-Blowing Tattoo Art

Image source: lausbub.tattoo.kollektiv

#9 Started Bec’s Left Leg Today. Right Shin And Foot Is All Well And Truly Healed And Settled

Image source: ebony_mellowship

#10 Another One From The Archives

Image source: roxx_____

#11 I Am Really Happy How This Turned Out

Image source: masihahn

#12 The Devil Is In The Details. This Piece Is Magic

Image source: castlebasas

#13 Very Simple Yet Fascinating

Image source: haivarasly

#14 It’s One Of My Favorite Tattoos So Far

Image source: lahhel

#15 Pointillism Project In Black Ink

Image source: froy.art

#16 Octopus Leg Tattoo

Image source: fiefurie.lamachineinfernale

#17 Soft And Trembling

Image source: thekillingtreeclothing

#18 Map Of Middle Earth Is Complete

Image source: bymissjenn

#19 A Nice Still Shot Of The Mammoth Piece I Did The Other Week

Image source: ryansmithtattooist

#20 Solid Start On This Forest Theme Leg. Great Effort Kobey Going Hard With His First Tattoo

Image source: harrison_tattoo

#21 Pain Is Beauty. Awesome Collaboration Tattoo Made By Three Various Artists

Image source: paulapelkone

#22 2 Days In A Row

Image source: haivarasly

#23 Leg Tattoo

Image source: the_original_syn

#24 2 Years Healed Corpse Bride And Nightmare Before Christmas Leg Sleeves

Image source: julian.siebert

#25 Planet-Flowers On Both Legs

Image source: masihahn

#26 My Leg Sleeve – By Matt Curzon Out Of “Empire” In Prahran, Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Image source: suubzs

#27 Front Of Mary’s Leg

Image source: kaelintaichee

#28 Leg Tattoo

Image source: theblacksheeptattoostudio

#29 In My Natural Habitat

Image source: banana_llama7

#30 Can’t Remember If It Was This Or Last Year When I Did This, But I Like It Nonetheless

Image source: timtavaria

#31 Full Leg Disney Tattoo In Progress

Image source: blackstagetattoo

#32 Beyond Realistic. Look At That Owl!

Image source: therambunctiousape

#33 Stunning Currawong Tattoo

Image source: timtavaria

#34 Amazing Geometrical Pattern Of This Leg Tattoo

Image source: lahhel

#35 Quick Progres Picture On The Fairy Folklore Leg Sleeve!

Image source: ralkinz

#36 Heart vs. Brain

Image source: bombayfoor

#37 Tree Of Life Tattoo

Image source: Alicezombie2121

#38 Part Of A Full Back

Image source: sebastiankristentattoo

#39 I’ve Named Her Tracy, She’s My First Tattoo. Go Big Or Go Home I Guess

Image source: CosmicZelda

#40 Had Some Shots Of My Tattoos

Image source: bumandvillainy

#41 Floral Leg Tattoo

Image source: kayagoncu

#42 Amazing Abstract Art Tattoo

Image source: lausbub.tattoo.kollektiv

#43 Creative Leg Tattoo Idea

Image source: svenrayen

#44 LA Leg

Image source: ebone.capone

#45 Tattoo Cathedral

Image source: alice_dugas

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