‘Momentary Ink’ Lets You Try Out Your Tattoo Before You Commit For Life

Published 9 years ago

Tattoos are forever, so what do you do if you change your mind? Well, Momentary Ink now offers a way to try out tattoos before they’re made permanent. They’re producing top of the line temporary tattoos. The company uses manufacturing technologies used in tge best stick-on tattoos together with a sticking agent and a proprietary matting agent. The tattoos look realistic and remain there for a week.

“They’re calling for a fundamental shift in the way you get a tattoo,” said Jordan Denny, who started the company with his wife Lindsay. “A process that involves less pressure and more flexibility. This is what customers are telling us that they want.” They got the idea after they had moved from Austin, Texas, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The couple wanted to commemorate their time spent in the “live music capital of the world”, but were unsure about a tattoo. Momentary Ink now saves them and others from uncertainty!

More info: momentaryink.com | facebook | twitter (h/t: hellogiggles)

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Momentary Ink produces quality personalized temporary tattoos that look like the real thing.


“I knew from the start that these needed to look real or we’d be ‘laughed off the stage’ by customers and tattoo artists so that was our primary concern,” Jordan Denny, one of the founders told Hello Giggles.


“The research and testing stage was through trial and error of ~50 different combinations of paper, adhesive, sealers, etc…as well as learning everything there is to know about the industry”


“I began initial testing on myself and once I found a good temporary tattoo product, I worked closely with my amazing beta group until we got it right.”


“I’ve loved chatting with tattoo shops throughout this journey! These people do not get the credit they deserve as being true artists, probably because their work doesn’t hang on a wall”


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