25 Behind-the-Scenes Photography Tricks By Jordi Koalitic

Published 7 months ago

Jordi Puig Batlló keeps proving that creativity in photography knows no bounds. Hailing from Barcelona, this guy loves messing around to capture shots that would normally require a brain workout. What’s cool is that he spills the beans on how he pulls off each shot. Check out his making-of videos, and you’ll see he’s not hauling around a ton of gear.

With a whopping 6 million followers on Instagram (go check Jordi.Koalitic), this photographer is a muse for many. If you haven’t stumbled upon Jordi’s stuff yet, get ready to catch the photography bug and start playing with your own camera.

More info: Instagram | youtube.com | Facebook | jordikoalitic.com | twitter.com

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Image source: jordi.koalitic

That One Guy : “This one is really cool”

Nice Beast Ludo : “That’s a great tree”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

theincrediblebatcat : “Oh so the person with the gloves is throwing it up okay that’s really cool”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “Can you imagine seeing this in real time with no context? I’d *still* be running the other direction and screaming!”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

The_Nicest_Misanthrope : “Lol, love the use of a stick to keep the dog occupied”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

Multa Nocte : “Wow! I would never had known! Shows what gullible schmucks we consumers can be!”

crazydogmama : “I wondered why they thought it would be a cool idea to burn up an expensive car just for a shot.”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

GlassHalfWay : “What a great photograph”

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “I was going to guess flashlight attached to the umbrella but that just shows what an amateur I am!”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

d-recovery : “in a normal shower! that is clever!”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “It’s wild how many of these are truly just tricks of lighting & or mirrors!”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

UnimportantDog/Imp (she/they) : “I like the photo a lot”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

Hippopotamuses : “Surprisingly simple.”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

UnimportantDog/Imp (she/they) : “This one is actually really cool!”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

Hippopotamuses : “Very good. Truly captures the average 15 year old male during school holidays.”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

UnimportantDog/Imp (she/they) : “Clever!”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

Hippopotamuses : “Now ‘shopping the stool out is just cheating. Especially when compared with the other pics on this post.”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

Kennedy Stevens : “this was a video and for anyone wondering they washed the paint off the wall afterwards”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

Gorilla guy : “I could be wrong, but I think they are twirling a sparkler attached to wire. Hope that helps.”

EarthGrowl : “That’s fantastic. I’d put that on my wall.”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

Hippopotamuses : “The ingenuity of these photographers is amazing.”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

a random catgirl (she/her) : “Squid Games!”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

visacrum : “Cool shot but you’d have to play that at like Queen’s Gambit speed”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

a random catgirl (she/her) : “I’ve always wanted to taste cloud! XD”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “Wire & string! I knew this one from having crazy hair that stood up one Halloween with Medusa snakes attached.”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

Sweet Fanny Adams : “It’s a mirror filled with some water on top. She dips her finger in the water.”


Image source: jordi.koalitic

Hippopotamuses : “Is that how they did it? (James Bond gun barrel sequence)”

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “So incredibly simple! Crazy.”


Image source: jordi.koalitic


Image source: jordi.koalitic

GlassHalfWay : “Very cool photo”

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