40 Things That Sound Silly But Are “Technically True”

Published 8 months ago

One has to admit that there is a lot of misinformation floating around the world at any given time. However, not everything that sounds made up is technically a lie. In fact, the more you think about these wild tales the more you realize that there may be truth to it that you initially realized. 

Don’t get confused, because there’s a host of examples in the gallery below to make you understand what we mean. Scroll below to check out these hilarious posts found on the Technically the Truth subreddit that may help you realise, that there are just some things that cannot be denied. 

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#1 Wholesome Motorcycle Gang Buddies

Image source: reddit.com

#2 At Least It’s Not Made Out Of Sand

Image source: thecrazythinker

Little Phoenix: How did he do that so fast?

#3 How To Defeat A Bear

Image source: DemonDuckOfDoom1

#4 Wait A Min-

Image source: reddit.com

Squishy: If a moon isn’t actually a planet, and it’s the moon to our planet, does that still make us aliens to the moon? Or are we technically native to the moon considering it “belongs” to earth? Lol

#5 I Actually Didn’t Notice At First

Image source: tearsxandxrain

a piece of toast: Well that’s you’re problem

#6 Crunchy Water

Image source: makahiya13

#7 Nobody Knows Such A Person

Image source: anshj21

#8 Makes You Think About It

Image source: reddit.com

#9 How Did You Get Into Star Wars?

Image source: MarkHamill

#10 Always Has Been True

Image source: Anteraji

#11 How Do I Like Unsubscribe

Image source: prodbysyndrome

#12 Her Brain Failed Her

Image source: sarthhcasm

TMoxraaaar: That’s the sense of proprioception.

#13 That’s A Great Opportunity

Image source: Enraged__

Susie Elle (edited): My man have you seen the nature in Oregon and the bordering states? I’d accept in a heartbeat.

#14 Therefore Not A Sin

Image source: sarahschauer

#15 I See No Lies Here, Just Facts

Image source: reddit.com

#16 Come To This Great Party I Have In Mind

Image source: rubyshawx

Marcellus II: At the rate I’m going, I’ll have to live forever to fill the first row.

#17 Honestly, A Hero

Image source: KevH2_205

Mahayana (edited): Well if it wasn’t for my crippling anxiety, my therapist wouldn’t have a job either!

#18 Looks Like It’s Time To Chill

Image source: tasteslikesarc

troufaki13Why is this so true though?

#19 Best Plot Synopsis Of This Movie

Image source: star_nerd21

STress (I/me): A true and sad story of two chicks fighting for the fancy shoes

#20 This Is The Modern Jack Sparrow

Image source: marciucclaudiu

Mister E: I am a ‘why is the rum gone’-pirate

#21 Worst Thing About Cigarettes

Image source: Enraged__

#22 I Have Committed No Crimes!

Image source: know_good

#23 Well, Liquid Form Of Bread

Image source: nefariousmonkey

Marcellus II: I’m surprised this is here as a surprise. “Liquid bread” is an old expression.

#24 Good Thing It Wasn’t 3

Image source: WoozleWozzle

#25 Not A Sci-Fi

Image source: jay_psy

#26 Ttt (If Your A Christian)

Image source: tacosIwannaeat

Winnie the Moo: Technically it was the fruit of a tree…

#27 Does Not Surprise Me Either

Image source: reddit.com

C. Rut. : “Why am I here? What is my purpose in life?”

#28 Well He’s Kinda Right

Image source: Its_Gulag_time

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): Literally until your last breath.

#29 Success Is Available Even To Pinocchio

Image source: adish2404

#30 This Is Mildly Smart

Image source: gwatsky

HelluvaHedgehogAlien (edited): But what if my messing around is actually exactly what it sounds like, which happens to be messing around

#31 I Had To 3D Print This Just In Case!!

Image source: YouOtterKnow1

Mustafa Kiziroğlu: Good example of how people use privately owned 3D printers.

#32 That’s What The Gps Said

Image source: Alarmed_Jellyfish771

deejak: Why I add “ish” to my times. ….. “Be there at 4:23-ish”

#33 Actual Life Time Supply

Image source: ajm2601

#34 Isn’t It True Tho

Image source: ziad4826

kesunyian: they really think the victorians couldn’t have moved the pyramids if they wanted too? this is the generation that ate the mummies for dinner.. they had no limits

#35 Same Experience Here Bro

Image source: paper_fucker

troufaki13: No reaction? What was that screaming about then? 😂

#36 Learning To Write My Resume

Image source: MuyiwaSaka

#37 Woah Dude

Image source: ShwrThght

#38 Well, She Did Ask For Pictures

Image source: UserNameTayken

Ramirez rachael: This is the greatest dad joke ever

#39 It’s True Love

Image source: AndrewTCollin

#40 It Took Me 4 Hours To Figure It Out

Image source: dudewithlaugh

MDS69: Once when my son was four, him and his dad were having a silly little argument. His dad called him a baby and he looked him straight in the eyes said “You were a baby first.” It was at this moment that I knew I had created a sarcastic monster.

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