50 Times People Got Hilariously Creative With Their ‘Elf On The Shelf’

Published 5 years ago

Have you been setting up your ‘Elf On The Shelf’ the same way every holiday season since forever? What if we told you that you can get a little creative with it?

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the most creative ways people set up their elves and it’s absolutely hilarious. Naughty, nice, frozen or wrapped in spider webs – these ‘Elves On The Shelf’ will definitely inspire you to try something new. Check them out in the gallery below!


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#1 Frozen Elf

Image source: amychristinecreations

#2 This Is What Happens When My Adult Son Comes Over To House Sit Over The Weekend

Image source: Diane Marie‎

#3 Elf Left Some Delicious Treats

Image source: fromashleytoawesome.com

#4 One Of My Mom’s “Elf On The Shelf” Photos

Image source: KombuchaMushroomPeop

#5 Just A Little Terrifying

#6 We Couldn’t Find Our Elf On The Shelf Until This Morning

Image source: MonsieurMustache

#7 Elf On The Shelf, You Dirty Bugger

Image source: Arardo

#8 Last Known Photo Of The Elf On The Shelf

Image source: GuacamoleFanatic

#9 My Sister’s Elf On A Shelf

Image source: Mysteryck_386

#10 Jigsaw Elf

#11 Draw Me Like One Of Your French Dolls

#12 What My Little Cousins Think Of Their “Elf On A Shelf”

Image source: ruserious65433

#13 Elf Climbing Wall!

Image source: jensadler1

#14 Day3 – Savage Attack

Image source: my_little_tribe_and_me

#15 Elf On The Shelf Spouse Wars Are On (Hubby Doesn’t Know It Yet)

Image source: traceyatkin

#16 Freddy Came In Like A Wrecking Ball!

Image source: wiccanwoman3x3

#17 I Pea’d My Elf⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Image source: elfontheshelfadventures

#18 Help The Elf Is Trapped In A Balloon

Image source: jenniferjoylife

#19 Cheeky Little Elf Has Been Jealous Of Frosty The Snowman And Has Decided To Melt Him!

Image source: pinkpeonyhome

#20 My Elf On The Shelf Appears To Have Choked On His Aspirations

Image source: MasterJediMara

#21 Worst Cookies Ever

Image source: Richard Bronosky

#22 Looks Like Freddy’s Making Copies Of Himself… And His Butt

Image source: wiccanwoman3x3

#23 Open Lid And Smell

#24 Circus Act

Image source: alfieontheshelf

#25 Elf Planetarium. Tonight’s Free Viewing Uranus

Image source: cabinnumber7dubbo

#26 Let It Go

Image source: duhmara

#27 My Elves Are Bob Ross

Image source: ashleyaustrew

#28 Freddy’s Fishing Tonight

Image source: wiccanwoman3x3

#29 Snow Angel. AKA Buttermilk Corn Meal Angels

Image source: pittmankid

#30 Naughty Elf On The Shelf Ate The Whole Advent Calendar

Image source: jennycookies

#31 K Is Gonna Be Mad When He Wakes Up

Image source: danii_nicoleee

#32 I’m Watching You

Image source: herricktheelf

#33 Dec3 A Trap! Will Shelf And Batman Escape The Clutches Of The Evil Underworld?!

Image source: deee_ski

#34 Hot Tub Party

Image source: jaxxthenaughtyelf

#35 Let There Be Peas On Earth And Let It Begin With Me…

Image source: samourelfontheshelf

#36 Pre-Christmas Workout

Image source: insta_xmas_elves_ideas

#37 Alfsy’s Version Of “Girl With Balloon” Now Known As “Love Is In The Bin”

Image source: alfieontheshelf

#38 Prankster Elf

#39 Oops! Sorry Freddy

Image source: wiccanwoman3x3

#40 Free Reindeer Poop

#41 Homework Gives Him Migraines

Image source: frugalcouponliving

#42 Cupcake Where U At?

Image source: ilovechedda

#43 Gone Fishin’

Image source: pittmankid

#44 Ridin’ Dirty…

Image source: pittmankid

#45 We Wiped Our Butts On Your Face Towel

Image source: elfing_about

#46 Freddy Has Been A Very Naughty Elf Tonight

Image source: wiccanwoman3x3

#47 Elf Work Is A Dirty Job

Image source: elfontheshelfadventures

#48 Let It Go

Image source: zoeybrown2910

#49 Droppin A Deuce

Image source: pittmankid

#50 I’m Sure It’s Freshly Squeezed Too

Image source: jillyjwoww

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