30 Creative Bars And Restaurants That Deserve A Tip

Published 5 years ago

Sometimes you get tired of grabbing burgers and fries or Chinese takeaway at the same two restaurants every weekend and feel like trying something new. Why not try the hip new place that just opened up downtown? Or maybe that foreign restaurant whose name you can’t pronounce? There are plenty of creative restaurants just waiting for you to walk in through their door.

And while it’s true that some restaurants like going a little overboard when trying to impress their customers, sometimes breaking out of your comfort zone can leave you pleasantly surprised. From hilarious wall art to creative menus, people are sharing all the times they were pleasantly surprised by bars and restaurants’ creativity – check them out in the gallery below!

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#1 Bar In Nebraska Doing It Right

Image source: BlueDevil44

#2 ‘The Restaurant Of Order Mistakes’ Employs Waiters With Dementia, And You Never Know What You’re Getting

Image source: The Restaurant of Many Orders

#3 This Restaurant In Austin Is Catching The US Up With The Rest Of The World

Image source: ToTouchAnEmu

#4 Contrary To Popular Belief

#5 A Pub Urinal In Ireland

Image source: Signalreceived

#6 Windimere Pub Is Keeping The Local Populous In Good Spirits

Image source: StargateMunky101

#7 This Restaurant Has A Painting Of Their Very First Customers

Image source: tedwow2

#8 I Found This In A Cocktail Bar In Indiana And It Made Me Smile

Image source: Putin_inyoFace

#9 This Poster Is In The Window Of A Pub In Sydney. Made Me Laugh

Image source: cityfern

#10 This Bar Obviously Owns A Cat

Image source: Headless_Pinata

#11 My Local Bar Dressed Up For Halloween

Image source: creatureofchaos

#12 I’ll Have The Soup And Salad, Please

Image source: SierraNox

#13 This Cafe In Seoul, Korea

Image source: Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20

#14 Saw This In The Window Of A Bar In Iceland

Image source: TheCrimsonSage

#15 My Local Bar Has A Drunk Test For People Leaving

Image source: designmur

#16 I See What You Did There

Image source: andershemmingsendk

#17 A Pub In My Town Places Rubber Ducks In Puddles To Warn Guests

Image source: Nelz16

#18 This Chalk Art In A Local Bar

Image source: doctormisterboss

#19 Medieval-Themed Pub In Prague

Image source: nokia621

#20 Saw This Near Robin Hood’s Bay

Image source: PopeSwag69

#21 Restaurant Puts Its Negative Reviews On Display

Image source: TylerMcFluffBut

#22 This Relatable Sign Outside A Bar In London

Image source: Drshriv

#23 This Sign Is Hanging In The Dining Area Of Our Local Greek Restaurant

Image source: wisdombabies

#24 This Restaurant Has An Option For When Your Significant Other Says She Isn’t Hungry

Image source: McKeeFTW

#25 Local Bar’s Breathalyzer Replacement

Image source: CrushedAvocados

#26 Stools In An Italian Pub

Image source: KevlarYarmulke

#27 Hmmmm

Image source: bevvcastillo

#28 I Need To Work Here

Image source: A1188353

#29 Wife: “Where Are You?” Me:

Image source: SufficientTower

#30 Encountered This In The Restaurant I Visited Today, And Couldn’t Resist Sharing

Image source: humans_are_not_real

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