30 Times People Regretted Shopping Online

Published 5 years ago

Shopping online can be a challenge – buying an item without seeing it first hand is a real gamble. And even though nowadays we can find reviews and photos of almost anything sold online, some people still manage to get themselves into rather hilarious situations.

We have compiled a list of online shopping fails that serve as a warning to think twice for everyone willing to try their hand at it. From smaller that expected to straight up completely different items, some of these online shopping disasters are so bad, it’s hilarious. Check them out in the gallery below!

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#1 This Patch I Ordered Off Amazon…

Image source: Chsrmsy

Honestly, we think this one’s even better that the original.

#2 Royal Quality

Image source: dionlimtv

That looks like the opposite of a problem. And why would you order such a thing anyway?

#3 My Grandpa’s Neighbor Ordered An Inflatable Santa Online… They Sent Him The Wrong Size

Image source: popesmokesdopee

Looks like this Brooklyn man received more than he expected – but we’re glad he went along with it!

#4 My Wife Ordered A Backpack From Amazon To Use As A Carry On. Cat For Scale

Image source: Risky_Clicking

Looks like your cat is finally old enough to attend Kitten school!

#5 Might Be Wrong Though

Image source: MrDylanEvans

Well, he does look rather gorgeous in it, don’t you think?

#6 Photo Evidence Of Earrings That Never Arrived

Image source: irispompeii

After this Twitter user’s earrings ordered from AliExpress didn’t show, the company asked for evidence. Honestly, what did they expect?

#7 My Friend Bought This Costume Online And I’ve Been Laughing All Day

Image source: llewellyns

Looks like this Deadpool certainly wasn’t skipping out on donuts and hotdogs.

#8 Ordered A Russian Patch For My New Jacket… Got A Pride Flag

Image source: Espartiskills

Honest mistake or next level trolling? You be the judge here.

#9 Never Buy A Cat Tree From Amazon

Image source: lexicakes

In classic cat matter, the cat does not seem to care. Frankly, we find it stranger that he’s actually using the cat tree and not the box it came in.

#10 Love My New Yeezys

Image source: Macklestudnet

Woah, that’s a fresh fit, man. We bet they feel like walking on a cloud too.

#11 From A French Airbnb Alternative

Image source: robot_accomplice

Even when looking for a place to spend the night you aren’t safe from deceitful listings. Although you have to agree this one’s quite impressive.

#12 Incredible Unicorn Calendar From Amazon

Image source: Ironman3721

Looks like there’s a reason this calendar has a 1-star rating on Amazon. Imagine actually paying money to receive some clipart pictures of poorly drawn unicorns.

#13 Hopes Were Crushed

Image source: joshxdavid

Maybe it’s the size? Maybe it’s the lighting? Maybe it’s the toilet you took the picture next to?

#14 I Didn’t Expect It To Look Like Pig Feet

Image source: Roses88

Must have misspelled ‘pig’ in the ad, happens all the time. Oink oink.

#15 When Your Dress You Ordered Looks Exactly Like The Pic Online

Image source: Kaylie_Nelson16

Wow, this one’s not even close. Maybe spending a few hours to go shopping would be a safer bet.

#16 What You Order Vs What You Get

Image source: naygul

At least they got the color right… well, sort of.

#17 I’ve Actually Been Trolled By China. I Ordered The One On The Left From AliExpress And The One On The Right Turned Up

Image source: ian_q_blank

Another case of ‘honest mistake or genius troll’. But hilarious either way.

#18 Thanks Walmart, For My New Rug

Image source: devraj_17

Always triple check the description – a chair cover isn’t actually a rug. And the size of those slippers is a whole different topic…

#19 I Ordered These Boots On Sale From Aldo.Com For 50% Off. I Received One Shoe

Image source: Mileys_Twerk_Coach

Explains why it was 50% off. Maybe try selling it to a female pirate?

#20 The Bear Mask My Friend Ordered Vs The Nightmare Fuel He Received


Image source: Brewkake

Well, the whole idea of Halloween is wearing a scary costume and you can’t get scarier than wearing that monstrosity on the right.

#21 What I Ordered Vs. What Was Delivered. I Paid $135 For This Mess…

Image source: JalapenoLife

We would say ‘there was an attempt’ but honestly, it doesn’t even look like there was.

“Five minutes before the shower started this monstrosity showed up. I was shocked. I had to leave the shower to go to the grocery store and get a sheet cake. The worst part was when I contacted the caterer and they didn’t want to refund my money because “it was servible/edible,” said the woman who ordered this cake for her sister’s baby shower

#22 My Little Sister Ordered A Blanket Online

Image source: DanaSchwartzzz

Did they choose a dwarf to model the blanket? Anyway, it looks like it could be the perfect bed for your pet.

#23 I Wish I Was Making This Up

Image source: Phiziicz

Well, who else would deliver your mail in the distant future?

#24 Wife Thought The Skillet Would Be A Little Bigger

Image source: RickHedge

If a $5 skillet sounds like too good of a deal, it’s probably because it is. And this guy’s wife had to find that out the hard way.

#25 Toy Gun For A Toy

Image source: AbbieLianne

Perfect if you’re going dressed as a LEGO figurine maybe…

#26 Some Boots From Amazon

Image source: Tzl1337

At least you won’t have to worry about your feet getting wet! Now safety, on the other hand…

#27 When Amazon Only Delivers Half Of Your Kayak

Image source: SkiDude

Well, at least he got a full oar…

#28 I Ordered A Smart Light Bulb And Got A Chrome Fidget Spinner In A Light Bulb Box

Image source: The_King_Chief

A hilarious Amazon review was left under this photo:

“I ordered this item on a cold Sunday night, and was pleasantly surprised on Monday morning when a package arrived with my name on it. I eagerly opened my Amazon package, giddy with the promise of 120 colours to brighten up my bedroom, and when I found a light bulb sized box emblazoned with the words “Smart RGBW Bulb” I was delighted, all was going to plan.

However, my hopes of multi-coloured illumination came crashing down, I was shocked. I felt as if the 265 volts that were meant to be running through my smart light bulb were running through me. To my dismay, and with a growing feeling of confusion, I realized I was not the proud owner of a WIFI Smart Bulb, I was instead the bewildered owner of a chrome fidget spinner, fidget spinner case, and a small screwdriver (despite there seeming to be no screw head on the spinner).

Now, with my tail between my legs, and Hermes en route to collect my fidget spinner, I am forced to endure additional nights of bland, colourless light.

I have many questions, where is my bulb? Why did a fidget spinner come in a light bulb box? Why is this available on prime? Who hired someone who can confused a light bulb and a fidget spinner, and how dark must their house be? All questions I doubt I will ever get answers to.

I’m summary, order a different light bulb. Unless you want a fidget spinner, then this is the light bulb for you.”

#29 Ordering Blanket Online

Image source: AlejandroTado

Another case of deceitfully small furniture – this guy ordered a blanket and ended up receiving a hand towel.

#30 Amazon Misunderstanding

Image source: Jaget23

Well the name did suggest it was a boys arm chair…

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