40 Hilariously Terrible Online Shopping Fails

Published 4 years ago

Sure, online shopping may be fast and easy but there’s always a catch – you never really know exactly what you’ll get until your order arrives. And oh boy, it can be a real hit-or-miss sometimes. That’s why you should always follow the golden rule of online shopping – if something sounds too good to be true, it’s probably because it is.

People are sharing their worst online shopping fails and some of them are so bad, they’re hilarious. From tiny furniture to offensive t-shirts, check out all the times people failed at online shopping in the gallery below! And if you want more, see out previous post here.

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#1 Thanks, I Hate The Wolf Pack

Image source: Terrorosity

#2 When You Think You’re Being Discreet Buying Toys Online

Image source: GroundbreakingCat

OC from my sister who allowed me to share her embarrassment with the world.

#3 What I Ordered vs. What I Received

Image source: kelsey.d.teague

#4 Be Sure To Always Check The Size When Ordering Treats

Image source: BuddyBonButt

#5 My Sister Ordered Cupcakes For My Engagement Party Yesterday. Sent Walmart Bakery The Pic On The Left. Instead Of A Ring, Apparently I Said Yes To A Silver Toilet Seat

Image source: wenie4

#6 I Ordered Wrapping Paper Online, There Was A Mistake And Now I Have A Massive Poster Of My Face, I’m Not Even Mad

Image source: SpontaneousCupcake

#7 I Know He’s A Big Cat, That’s Why I Ordered The Large Size

Image source: HatsAndTopcoats

#8 What Could Go Wrong If I Order My Dress On Aliexpress

Image source: tragicomisch

#9 Expectation vs. Reality After A 6-Month Back Order From West Elm

Image source: pputkowski

#10 Today My Wife Received A Book Via USPS That She Ordered 10 Years Ago

Image source: seeker_ktf

#11 That Face Just Tells You – You Got Trolled

Image source: DyllonKG

#12 Don’t Buy Veneers Online

Image source: TheSoulOfTheRose

#13 An Air Freshener Sold On Facebook. It’s A Literal Scam

Image source: harry02260213

#14 This Pennywise Halloween Costume

Image source: Scoutingtn

#15 My Boyfriend Ordered A Pair Of Socks That Didn’t Come Out As Hoped (The Right Side Is Him, That’s What We Expected). We Have No Idea Who The Other Guy Is

Image source: holliesim

#16 This Large Wall Tapestry My Best Friend Bought Me vs. What Actually Came

Image source: shufflethecards

#17 “Medium Weight Knit Sweater” Is Nothing More Than A Print On Thin Paper Like Mesh

Image source: reddit.com

#18 Mini Wet Wipes

Image source: thebiggestyee

#19 Online Shopping Always Amazes Me

Image source: nine_tailed_duck

#20 My Friend Ordered A T-Shirt Online And I’ve Been Crying With Laughter For 3 Days Over The Result

Image source: cutting_class

#21 It Took Almost A Month To Get This Mess And I Paid For Two Different Dresses And Only Received This Atrocity

Image source: KnockoffNightmares

This is me, looking like a whale at 26 weeks pregnant and only 150 lbs. Also, one day away from my maternity photo shoot and stuck with this disaster! Please beware of Lukalula Maternity.

#22 My Wife Gets Wine Drunk And Orders Stuff From Instagram Ads. She Ordered This Cactus Cat Scratcher And Two Months Later She Received Just A Bag Of Rope With No Instructions, Or Wood, Or Packing Slip

Image source: SimpleFloyd

#23 Never Buy Anything Even If It Looks Legit

Image source: Roast_Dinner30

#24 This Winter Hat I Ordered On Wish vs. The One I Received

Image source: DanielJayPizzle

#25 Thanks, Amazon

Image source: Rollitupk

#26 My Girlfriend And A Group Of Her Friends Decided To Order A $150 Rug As A Birthday Gift For A Friend. The Rug Arrived Today, And It Seems No One Bothered To Check The Size

Image source: imculp

#27 Ordering A Silicone Mask Online. What Could Go Wrong

Image source: VitaViolet

#28 From The Company’s Facebook

Image source: Missmachineee

#29 We’re Not Sure Where The Buyer Found This One, But Apparently, Dog Size Is The New X-Large

Image source: KnockoffNightmares

#30 Saved For Months, Bought An $850 Laptop Online, Waited 1.5 Weeks For Shipping, And It Ended Up Being 3 Jugs Of Walmart Brand Juice Instead

Image source: robbydodgeball

#31 I Ain‘T Even Mad

Image source: Kritzelkrieger

#32 My Partner Was So Happy She Found A Specific Vinyl For £2.50 On Ebay. Turns Out It’s For A Doll’s House

Image source: larrydavid1987

#33 Bruhhh

Image source: Jinium

#34 I Bought This Night King Mask On eBay

Image source: Malibutwo

#35 Did Someone Get Hungry Before They Shipped It

Image source: immensecrab

#36 Since Prom Is Coming Up Make Sure That You Don’t Order Your Dress Online

Image source: Morgan_Morris29

#37 My Mom Panic Bought Toilet Paper Off Amazon Back In March. Cost Twice As Much And Got Here Yesterday

Image source: littletrashpanda77

#38 A Bit Disappointing

Image source: RebeccaKwanga

#39 My Targeted Facebook Ad Purchase Was A Real Let Down

Image source: PolarBeaer

#40 Bought This “Gown” For A Ball And Was Super Excited That It Arrived On Time Because I Wasn’t Expecting It To

Image source: KnockoffNightmares

But apparently I’m one of the few people who didn’t realise the advertised photo was in fact a very expensive bridal gown.

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