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10+ Comics By 18-Year-Old Artist That Will Make You Laugh

Published 6 years ago

18-year-old British illustrator Harry Hambley has been expressing his ideas and inner workings in the form of this pink bean-shaped persona. And the beauty of it is that he manages to make a point while and make you laugh in only a couple of panels.

The pink guy in the comics is Ketnipz, a creature heavily inspired by “doodling a lot and watching an unhealthy amount of Cartoon Network,” Harry explains to Bored Panda.

The short stories tackle various topics that cross the artist’s mind, from random puns to self-love: “I find a lot of inspiration from personal experiences, and usually I write my comics around phrases that stick in my brain. So a lot of my ideas come to me during conversations with friends.”

“I like making these comics because it’s a way for me to express my emotions, without getting too serious. I also like that people can relate to my character and that it can cheer some people up on bad days. If it helps others out, even in a small way, I’m happy.”

More info: instagram (h/t)

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