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Artist Creates The Most Random Comics And It’s Impossible Not To Laugh

Published 3 years ago

Meet Vincent, better known online as the creator of LOLNEIN, a hilarious comics series that takes the everyday objects and situations and adds a pinch of randomness to put that smile on your face.

“I’ve always loved to make people laugh and when I was still in school I scribbled a lot during lessons,” he told Bored Panda. “So back in 2013, I decided to combine these two things by starting a webcomic.”

“I also like to try new things and create funny content in different ways. So LOLNEIN is not just regular comics, but also “Behind the GIF” comics, “Real Life Doodles” and animations.”

So take a look at what the 21st-century comics look like and let us know in the comments, which one resonates with you the best!

More info: | patreon | instagram | facebook | twitter | webtoons

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