10+ Problems With Bras That Men Will Not Get

Published 6 years ago

Strappy, lacy, underwired, push-up – the variety of bras these days is overwhelming. The opinions of them, however, usually split their wearers into two camps – the lovers and the haters. Still, no matter which side you’re on, sooner or later you’re bound to face some sort of bra-related problem.

The illustrations below tried to capture the most common of these ‘bra-blems’, many of them painfully familiar to all the bra-wearers. Scroll down to see the pictures and tell us if these undergarments make you feel the same way.


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Image source: cassandracalin


Image source: sarahandersencomics


Image source: sarahandersencomics


Image source: sarahandersencomics


Image source: wickedreasoning


Image source: sarahandersencomics


Image source: explosm


Image source: cassandracalin


Image source: lorynbrantz


Image source: gemmacorrell


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