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Detachable Jeans Are The Latest Denim Trend Nobody Asked For

Published 6 years ago

We’ve got you the latest denim fashion scream, and for this one, you might want to cover your ears.

We’re talking about the “Detachable Cut-Out Jeans” designed by Opening Ceremony. This look-grabbing design is a part of the Y/Project, and ‘Y’ is probably what you’ll be thinking when you first see them.

They start at $425, and their main feature, of course, is the cut-outs just below the butt, which allow the wearer to completely detach the lower part and turn their jeans into denim diaper-like shorts.

And while, sure, it’s easy to make fun of, this design does offer a unique approach and even a practical aspect considering it can turn your jeans into year-round attire. That is, if you figure out a way to deal with the butt cut-outs during the winter.

More info: y/project (h/t: someecards)

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