Hand Screen Printed Butterfly Silk Wings & Scarfs with Animal Prints

Published 8 years ago

Creativity is Something which has always been in My Genes, I love to Make Costumes whether its Steampunk ,Medieval ,Theater or belly dance . I am working with the silk fabric from the last 14 years, it was always Tye dye work which is always like working with nature as every time you dye something you come out with something new. That’s what the beauty is about it and everyday is a learning experience, my recent project which i was working on was Butterfly wings which i wanted to develop at a cost effective price and also in quick way,, Initially i was doing it with hand painting but that consumed lot of work ,time and also the price was not in everybody range as with the expensive silk fabric the price is always high so i worked on screen printing technique and was successful after almost one year of hard work now i have got full control on the quality and i can produce it with lesser time, I am also working on more colors,designs and also will offer them for Girls sizes…

Plus i am also working on Screen printed and also Digital printed Scarfs on Silk, Cotton and wool.

I am selling them on wholesale and also on retail, you can check my etsy shop for retail buying and for wholesale check my website.

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Hand Screen Printed Butterfly Silk Isis Wings

Hand Screen Printed Butterfly Silk Isis Wings

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