Women Are Sharing 25 Of The Most Irritating Things About Their Clothing

Published 2 years ago

The fashion industry is rapidly growing, with new styles and garments created every day. With so many options already available in the market, it’s more difficult to come up with unique pieces that people will like. And sometimes, particular clothing items or design executions are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Reddit user Rachel_BA1 asked fellow members of the Ask Women subreddit to share what clothing items made for women they absolutely hate. The comments section quickly started filling up with the names of clothing pieces women dislike or just don’t get their purpose.

Interested in more annoying things about women’s clothing? Take a look at our previous article here. What things about women’s clothes irritate you the most? Let us know!

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Image source: mimiiarr

Anything with animal print


Image source: RosemaryViolet

Strapless bras. They either don’t stay or you have to wear them too tight they are uncomfortable


Image source: summer-lovers

Ugg boots… Short for uggly…lol

Maybe it’s the fake UGG boots, but I think they’re dreadful as they never hold their shape, never seem to fit anyone well and look so dingy and dirty. I just never got the love for them.

Lots of people love them, so I’m glad they’re comfy. I think they looked ridiculous on me, and about 99% of people.


Image source: lastseenhitchhiking

The sheerness and overall cheap quality of most clothing these days.


1 piece bathing suits are leading me to believe that I’m not proportioned like a normal human

Image source: typeyhands


Image source: Pikab03

In (online) stores most of the clothing is too revealing and you couldn’t wear them to school or work. I see a lot of crop tops and annoying cut outs. For example I see a cute top in a store but when I turn it around it has an open back…. It is really hard to find modest clothes that are not old fashioned.


Image source: not-so-desperate

It’s not necessarily that I hate them, but EVERYthing is a crop top now. Can’t find a whole a*s shirt.


Image source: hensbanex

so much of women’s clothing is made to be uncomfortable or aesthetically pleasing, not comfortable to the wearer or conducive to free movement.


Image source: heartshapedbruises18

Tights! I think Americans call them pantyhose. They are so annoying, especially if they’re too small and they started to twist around the crotch area lol


Image source: Malacandras

Cold shoulder tops. Why. Why would you create a thing that makes you cold ON PURPOSE?


Image source: QueenMangosteen

Strapless dresses/ tops. I’m flat chested, so those never stay up. If I go too long without tugging them up all the damn time, my nipples come out to say hello. It pains me whenever I see an otherwise cute dress/ top that I can’t wear because they’re strapless.


Image source: MindingMine

Knee high boots. I would actually love wearing them, but the standard sizes are too tight for my muscular calves, wider fits are inevitably of the “you’re big, so you should be happy wearing ugly” variety, and I can’t afford to have a pair made to fit.


Image source: C-Nor

Personally, I loathe all clothing made of polyester- spandex. What a nasty fabric. It doesn’t breathe, so there’s no escaping being hot. It clings to every figure flaw, somehow magnifying those. Sigh.


Image source: dindia91

Clothing with cutouts that make it next to impossible to wear a bra.


Image source: ToiletPaperGanon

Lingerie. Especially if it’s lacy. It hardly ever looks good underneath proper clothes, it’s itchy and irritating and in my size, it’s either unflattering or unaffordable. Also, most skirts above the knee and most trousers. I find them restrictive. I have refused to wear jeans since I was a teenager, as I find them uncomfortable and masculine. (Yes, I’ll admit to being fussy.)


Trousers with fabric so thin that it clings and highlights every lump.

Also not a specific item, but I hate it when I’m shopping for clothes and see something that looks great but then it turns out to be made of icky fabric that feels scratchy or would make you feel swampy and sweaty or is too thin to hang nicely.

Image source: FranzLuciferdinand


Image source: queenlesbian99

High Heels. Why do they even exist? They’re basically death contraptions that are super uncomfortable that aren’t good for walking or standing for long periods of time. The only heels I’ve ever found that are comfortable enough to wear for more than an hour are my Clarke wedges, and even then those are wedges. There is no way to make stilettos comfortable


Image source: StillNotDarkOutside

The general women’s fit for t-shirts. I hate them! Too fitting, weird sleeves and necklines… I never felt comfortable in one. Once I discovered more boxy and gender neutral fits I felt so much more confident and happy. Just a different fit for the same type of garment can make all the difference!


Image source: okyes319

I hate finding a cute top that has the perfect length and neckline, but it comes emblazoned with something like “Live. Laugh. Love.” on the front.


Image source: misandra_lee

Adult rompers. I hate being naked when I have to pee.


Image source: theperishablekind



Image source: UsingMyYAAccount

Ripped jeans.

There, I said it.


Image source: HeyItsJuls

Sports apparel that turns pink in the women’s section. My alma mater’s colors are gold and black, why would I want a pink shirt?

The assumption that I want anything to be pink simply because I’m female really gets to me. I feel like we are slowly moving beyond it, but for so long every sports team I’ve supported has been like, “oh, you’re a lady? You must want a pink baby doll tee with a too small logo dead center on your tits.”


Image source: dominiqlane

Pants/skirts/dresses with no pockets. Or worse, fake pockets.


Image source: allaphoristic

Pointy toed shoes. Ouch! Feet are not shaped like that!

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