20 Parents Whose ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Scheme Went Hilariously Wrong

Published 2 years ago

If you are not aware of the “Elf on the Shelf” tradition, here is a little snippet of info-  The Christmas elf is sent by Santa to observe the kids so that they can report to Santa if the kid is nice or naughty.

Although this tradition is exciting for the children, the parents sometimes fail to execute the story properly, and it ends up in hilarious situations. Scroll below to read some of the most hilarious ‘Elf on the shelf’ fails.

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#1 Things Got More Toasty Than Planned

Image source: Chelsea Hightower

#2 Daughter Ran Into My Room Screaming “What Is The Elf Doing To My Doll?” Well I Thought They Were Dancing

Image source: randomkcv

#3 Tried To Write A Fun Bathtub Message From The Elf, But It Turned Out A Little Cryptic

Image source: elfgilbert

#4 Snow Angels In Sugar Turned Out Looking More Like A Crime Scene

Image source: pixiee83

#5 Did A Cute Angel Thing For The Elf. The Cat Thought It Was Litter And Did A Giant S**t On My Kitchen Side. My Poor Kids. We Go To Find The Elf And He’s Had A Giant S**t?

Image source: Katie Wright

#6 I Happened To Look In Our Window And Noticed That When She’s Backlit, It Didn’t Quite Look As Cute As Intended

Image source: c_r_ali

#7 Balding Barry… Our Elf’s Hat Came Off So We Decided To Super Glue It To No Avail. Hey, Let’s Use Nail Polish Remover To Get The Glue Off….laughing Hysterically Ever Since!!!

Image source: RoscoeDC

#8 New Puppy Got Ahold Of The Elf, And The Rest Is, Well

Image source: msummers23

#9 Set The Elf Up Near The Toilet, And He Promptly Fell In

Image source: sowhatimamum

#10 Elf On The Shelf Display Goes Horribly Wrong And Stains The Kitchen Floor

Image source: Lyndsey Sahota

#11 I Bit The Head Off The Kids Christmas Elf

Image source: tamcam10

#12 I Didn’t Prepare For The Off Chance The Tape Didn’t Hold. So My Children Woke Up To An Elf That Drowned In Last Nights Spaghetti Pot

Image source: brandi_cerone

#13 I Seriously Forgot I Put The Freaking Elf In The Freaking Oven

Image source: Brittany Mease

#14 Intruder Alert!

Image source: mochi_momo_oc

#15 Well….i Thought It Would Be Funny. My Kids… Not So Much ??. Both Had Tears And Told The Elf They Didn’t Like Her Anymore

Image source: sgomuwka

#16 Well I Guess I Should Have Checked To Make Sure That There Wasn’t A F***ing Elf In The Fireplace Before Turning It On

Image source: whatswrongchamp

#17 Set The Elf Up Eating Cheetos, And Didn’t Notice Where I Sprinkled Them Until My Kids Started Laughing

Image source: carriehoppenjans

#18 This Idea Looked Okay At That Time. Brandon Woke Up To Find Berry An Well Brandon Said That’s The Creepiest Thing His Elf Has Done And He Doesn’t Like It

Image source: mom_of_3_great_kiddos

#19 Poor Ken! Tried To Spread A Little Christmas Cheer At The Piano And Look What Happened

Image source: janetfreisner

#20 So We Decided For “Buddy” To Have Some Lil Zipline Action, But Used Fish Wire Instead Of A Noticeable String, So Yea! Angelito Said He Seen Buddy Floating. He Is Scared Of Him Now

Image source: Karen G. Quiroga

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