30 Winning Pictures From This Year’s Nature Photographer Of The Year Contest

Published 5 years ago

The Nature Photographer of the Year contest is an annually held photo competition where nature photographers from all over the world compete for the € 3000 grand prize and the title of Nature Photographer of the Year. This year, contestants from 73 countries submitted over 14,000 stunning photographs to 11 different categories and after a long wait, the judging panel has finally selected the winners.

This year, the title of Nature Photographer of the Year went to Hungarian photographer Csaba Daróczi for his photograph titled Jump, depicting two rabbits bumping into each other mid-air.  “This photo proves once again that you don’t have to put rare or exotic animals in front of the lens to make a perfect nature photo,” explained Keith Wilson, chairman of the jury. “If you have a good idea and a vision of nature photography, you can also make a great album close to home. It is also remarkable that it is a black and white photo, but it is precisely because of this that the energy pops out of the photo.”

In an interview with Bored Panda, Daróczi said he took the photo in Kiskunsag, near his village of Bócsa. “I found a colony of rabbits when I went out taking pictures. I was watching them for a while, and I found out where was the best spot to take photos of them. I gave them a little food to come closer to me and they got more and more confident,” said the photographer. He says he spent 72 mornings taking photos of them.

“While watching the rabbits I realised that sometimes they jump at each other in the air. I knew in the moment, that I have to take a picture of this scene,” the photographer explained how he captured the picture. He noticed that when given food, the stronger rabbits caused a scene trying to protect their share and snapped a picture.

See the winning photo and the runner-ups in the gallery below! And don’t forget to check out last year’s winners here!

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#1 Category Mammals Highly Commended: ‘Colorful Night’ By Mohammad Murad (Kw)

Image source: Mohammad Murad

#2 Overall Winner And Black And White Category Winner: ‘Jump’ By Csaba Daroczi (Hungary)

Image source: Csaba Daroczi

#3 Category Birds Winner: ‘Greeting The Sun’ By Peter Cech (Cz)

Image source: Peter Cech

#4 Category Mammals Highly Commended: ‘Climbing To The Sweet’ By José Juan Hernández (Es)

Image source:  José Juan Hernández

#5 Category Youth Winner: ‘Symphony N°5’ By Giacomo Redaelli (It)

Image source:  Giacomo Redaelli

#6 Category Plants And Fungi Winner: ‘The Fallen Idol III’ By David Frutos Egea (Es)

Image source:  David Frutos Egea

#7 Category Mammals Highly Commended: ‘Wolf Attack’ By Martin Steenhaut (Be)

Image source: Martin Steenhaut

#8 Category Man And Nature Highly Commended:’ Sunsets’ By Pedro Narra (Pt)

Image source: Pedro Narra

#9 Category Underwater Winner: ‘ Up In The Air’ By Alexey Zozulya (Ru)

Image source: Alexey Zozulya

#10 Category Birds Highly Commended: ‘Fjord Fight’ By Bernt Østhus (No)

Image source: Bernt Østhus

#11 Category Birds Runner-Up: ‘Golden Eagle Landing’ By Audun Rikardsen (No)

Image source: Audun Rikardsen

#12 Category Mammals Highly Commended: ‘Deer On The Crest’ By François Nowicki (Fr)

Image source: François Nowicki

#13 Category Underwater Runner-Up: ‘Dancing In The Light’ By Domenico Tripodi (It)

Image source:  Domenico Tripodi

#14 Category Fred Hazelhoff Portfolio Award Winner: ‘Cuejdel My Lake’ By Gheorghe Popa (Ro)

Image source: Gheorghe Popa

#15 Category Other Animals Highly Commended: ‘Hunting Ants’ By Petr Bambousek (Cz)

Image source: Petr Bambousek

#16 Category Underwater Highly Commended: ‘Duck Photo Bomb’ By Paul Colley (UK)

Image source:  Paul Colley

#17 Category Black And White Highly Commended: ‘Brothers’ By Luke Massey (Es)

Image source: Luke Massey

#18 Category Youth Highly Commended:’poplar Stars’ By Carlos Perez Naval (Es)

Image source: Carlos Perez Naval

#19 Category Landscape Winner: ‘A Stormy Day’ By Ales Krivec (Si)

Image source: Ales Krivec

#20 Category Plants And Fungi Highly Commended: ‘Survivor III’ By David Frutos Egea (Es)

Image source: David Frutos Egea

#21 Category Mammals Winner: ‘Under The Snow…’ By Stefano Quirini (It)

Image source: Stefano Quirini

#22 Category Youth Highly Commended: ‘Little Curious Learner’ By John Peter Wewin Pandian (In)

Image source: John Peter Wewin Pandian

#23 Category Landscape Highly Commended: ‘Flower Power’ By Brandon Yoshizawa (Us)

Image source:  Brandon Yoshizawa

#24 Category Other Animals Highly Commended: ‘Hunt In Sun’ By Wei Fu (Th)

Image source: Wei Fu

#25 Category Birds Highly Commended: ‘La Dama Blanca’ By Stanislao Basileo (It)

Image source: Stanislao Basileo

#26 Category Other Animals Highly Commended: ‘Fly’ By Radomir Jakubowski (De)

Image source: Radomir Jakubowski

#27 Category Other Animals Runner-Up: ‘Gorgon’ By Alena Shevtsova (Ru)

Image source: Alena Shevtsova

#28 Category Mammals Runner-Up: ‘Tapir Diver’ By Marcio Esteves Cabral (Br)

Image source: Marcio Esteves Cabral

#29 Category Plants And Fungi Highly Commended: ‘Frozen Spring’ By Csaba Daroczi (Hu)

Image source:  Csaba Daroczi

#30 Category Other Animals Winner: ‘Golden Rain’ By Norbert Kaszás (Hu)

Image source: Norbert Kaszás

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