20 Unwritten Rules Of Life That Need To Be Universally Accepted

Published 3 years ago

Although it would be great if there were no rules at all, sometimes rules become important for maintaining peace and harmony in society. Not all rules need to be written though! Some of them should be understandable without explaining them.

However, some people on Reddit decided to lay some rules out for those folks who are not very bright in reading the surroundings or other people. Scroll below to read some interesting rules that people believe should be universally accepted. And if you want to know about more such rules, check out our previous post here.

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Image source: _NendSudes

“For any space holding people (train, elevator, classroom), let people exit before you try to enter.”


Image source: WallflowerAshes

“You do not initiate small talks with someone with their headphones on.”


Image source: Mojovman

“Covering your mouth when sneezing…although everyone doesn’t always do it.”


Image source: tallperson117

“There will always be a demilitarized urinal between two urinating men, unless overpopulation becomes a factor, in which case participating piddlers will look either straight forward or directly down at their dingle dongle.”


Image source: [deleted]

“If somebody gives their phone to look at a picture don’t scroll and see all their other pictures.”


Image source: McStaken

“If someone you don’t know suddenly strikes up a desperate conversation and seems to be wary of their surroundings while on a night out – they are your best friend. Best friend. Because they’re probably being harassed by another drunken patron and need some backup and I don’t care if it’s your mortal enemy, you act like you love them because they’ve got problems. You do not ignore someone like that.”


Image source: [deleted]

“If you work in childcare and see a baby walk for the first time you don’t say anything to the parent.”


Image source: Kearshi

“NEVER propose at someone else’s wedding, never.”


Image source: sirhempanite89

“When using tongs, you must always click them together a couple times.”


Image source: ohyoshimi

“Don’t ask if she is pregnant. Just don’t.”


Image source: DestinysChildSupport

“You don’t microwave fish in the break room at work.”


Image source: Enollient

“If you’re watching garbage Facebook videos in the break room and other people are trying to enjoy their hour of peace wear some [freaking] headphones Alana.”


Image source: Dammit_Banned_Again

“Give me six feet of space when I’m at the ATM or the urinal. Basically, whenever I’m taking valuables out of my pants.”


Image source: KingAlfredOfEngland

“Don’t make marks in a book that someone loaned to you. That means no dog-earing the pages, no highlighting/underlining/circling phrases and no writing notes in the margins. If you want to do that crap, get your own copy, don’t ask to borrow a copy from me.”


Image source: ghostye

“If you offer something, you offer twice only. If they say no both times you don’t push it.”


Image source: D**kcheese_McDoogles

“Do not stand still in any choke-point of an indoor or outdoor space. Doesn’t have to be a doorway or hallway.”


Image source: Bonescielo

“Closing your mouth when you chew.”


Image source: [deleted]

“If a child shoots you with a toy gun you act hurt or pretend to die for them. No questions asked. I learned this when I became an aunt lol.”


Image source: [deleted]

“When walking through a door and someone is behind you, hold the door long enough so the person doesn’t get hit by it.”


Image source: Bogshow

“If you notice something on someone that can be fixed within 5 minutes, tell them (Shirt stain, food in teeth etc).”

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