Women Of This Online Group Share 20 Unwritten Rules Of Their Daily Lives

Published 2 years ago

When you are out in the public, there are two things that you always have to take into consideration: courtesy and awareness. You need to be aware of the ongoing context and act in courtesy of it. Sometimes, there are written rules to remind you of your social responsibilities. For example, signs can be erected on seats and places reserved for the elderly. You know that if you’re not an elderly person, you should not place yourself there.

Meanwhile, women of Reddit have been sharing the unwritten side of their social responsibilities. For them, it is a part they must do while in public even though no one is telling them to do so. It’s like there’s a psychological conversation that takes place and they know they have to act nonetheless. Today, we compiled 20 rules women follow without being told.

Tell us what you think is the most interesting! You may also want to check out our compilation of what not to do instead. For the guys out there, what are the unspoken rules of men’s etiquette? Share them in the comments!

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#1 If It Can Be Fixed In 5 Minutes Or Less, Tell Her; If It Can’t, Then There’s No Need To Say Anything

Image source: stretchyscrunchie, Old White Truck

The 5-minute rule. If it can be fixed in 5 minutes or less tell her!

If it can’t (bloat situation etc..) then there’s no need to say anything because it will literally only make her feel bad.

#2 No Woman Gets Left Behind At The Club

Image source: yokayla, YoTuT

No women left behind at the club. You look out for and take care of your girls and don’t let random men drag them away without their explicit permission.

#3 If Someone Says They Love Something You’re Wearing, You Always Tell Them Where You Bought It From

Image source: GammaRVE, allispossible.org.uk

This could be a trend across genders too but when a girl says they love something you are wearing you always tell her where you bought it and how much it was and ESPECIALLY if you got it for a discount.

#4 “Human Wall” A Girl If The Only Option Is To Pee In Public

Image source: GuaidonAye, gailhampshire

Human wall any girl if the only option is to pee in public

#5 Tell Her When You See Him Cheating

Image source: scarlettcrush, m01229

Tell her when you see him cheating, snap a pic for proof if you can. I’ve lost friends for this but I’ll still do it every time.

#6 When You See “The Look,” You Step In

Image source: stepmomanon, Patrick Mannion

As far as I’ve ever seen, every girl knows ‘the look’. ‘The look’ is a look a girl gets on her face when she is in a situation that she doesn’t want to be in, it’s part ‘help me’ and part ‘get me out of here’.

When you see this look, you step in. Doesn’t matter if you know the girl or not.

#7 If You Get Breast Cancer, Let As Many People As Possible Feel Your Lump

Image source: ThanksCancer_com, Nesbitt_Photo

If you get breast cancer, let as many people as possible feel your lump so they know what they are looking for! Before my mastectomy, my breast made a lot of new friends—early detection can mean the difference between life and death.

#8 If Your Friend Starts To Puke, You Always Hold Her Hair Back

Image source: demonardvark, dirtyboxface

if friend drinks too much and starts to puke, always hold her hair back for her

#9 Carry Some Extra Pain Killers

Image source: dizzyspringer, Rawpixel Ltd

Also added to sanitary products, pain killers!! If you got em handy, help a b***h out!

#10 If A Girl Comes Over And Pretends To Know You, Don’t Ask Any Questions

Image source: Wonder_WomanUnderoos, Gareth WilliamsF

If another girl comes over to you and pretends to know you, no questions asked we’ve been friends for 30 years and haven’t seen each other in 5.

And always give a tampon if you have one, and someone needs one.

Edit: never lend tampons, always give.

#11 If There’s A Period Stain On Someone’s Pants, You Tell Them Immediately

Image source: TheRedMaiden, menstruationstasse.net

If there’s a red spot on her pants you tell her discreetly and immediately.

EDIT: A lot of guys are asking what to do if they see a woman with a blood stain. You have two options. You could tell her yourself which may or may not be appreciated depending on the woman. Or you could simply ask another woman to tell her. I love how many guys wanna help look out for the ladies who end up in this predicament! :D

#12 Always Give A Hair Tie If Someone Asks For It

Image source: worstbrain, Ivan Radic

if you’re wearing a hair tie on your wrist and someone asks for a hair tie, you give it to them (and accept that you likely will never see it again)

#13 Everyone Is Friends In The Bar Bathroom

Image source: eyebrowshampoo, Alpha

Everyone is friends in the bar bathroom after 11, no matter what.

#14 If You See A Girl Doing Something She Might Regret The Next Day, You Go Over And Ask If She’s Okay

Image source: mystical_bogus, Jirka Matousek

This one especially applies to college girls. If you’re at a party and you see a girl doing something she might regret the next day due to drinking WAY too much, you go over there and make sure shes okay.

#15 If She’s Dating An Abuser, Make Sure She Knows She’s Welcome Anytime

Image source: redcolumbine, Phillip Pessar

If she’s dating a known abuser, take turns getting her out of the house. Play cards, shop for shoes, ask her to help you lay out the garden, make pie. Never broach the subject yourself – just make sure she knows she’s welcome any time, day or night, with or without advance notice.

#16 If Your Dress Has Pockets, You Let Them Know

Image source: my_Favorite_post, Alison

Person 1: I like your dress!

Person 2: Thanks! It has pockets! <displays said pockets>

If your dress has pockets, you let them know.

#17 Do Not Get Together With Your Friend’s Ex

Image source: YCD98, amir appel

Do not….f**k your friends boyfriend or ex-boyfriend

#18 If There’s Lipstick On Their Teeth, You Let Them Know Without Making A Huge Deal About It

Image source: garden-girl, Sholeh

Lipstick on their teeth, eyeliner in the corner of their eye, skirt tucked into pantyhose. You let them know without making a huge deal about it.

#19 If You Walk Into The Bathroom And Someone’s Being Quiet, You Do Your Business And Leave Quickly

Image source: Cloudinterpreter, Gregg O’Connell

If you walk into the bathroom and the girl in there is being quiet, you do your business and leave as quickly as you can. Girl is trying to poop!

#20 Do Not Post Group Pics Unless Everyone Approves

Image source: scarlettcrush, HS You

Do not post group pictures on social media with friends unless everyone involved knows & approves of said pic.

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