40 Examples Of People Acting Like Complete Jerks

Published 4 years ago

There’s nothing that gets your blood boiling faster than encountering a jerk. You know, the type of person to snatch the last croissant from right under your nose or cut in line right in front of you and act as if nothing happened. You clench your teeth and begin raising your arms to give them a good shake before remembering you’re better than that. Yet you still want them to realize the error of their way – so how do you do that? Well, there’s no better way to do that than with a good-ole public shaming.

People are sharing photos of jerks and their jerky behavior online and you’ll be surprised by some of the stuff they pull. From cutting down historic trees to breaking free condom machines, check out some of the biggest jerks people spotted in the wild in the gallery below!

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#1 Take Your Poo Home

Image source: jedewin

#2 You’ve Got To Be The Worst Kind Of Heartless Twat If You Can Go Around Slashing Homeless People’s Tents

Image source: JessieKer

#3 Block An Electric Charging Station. Get Towed

Image source: kevinowdziej

#4 The Painter, Who Didn’t Get Payed For The Work, Took Revenge On The Greedy Client

Image source: Lee McLean

#5 Stealing From A Free Condom Vending Machine

Image source: kcveggies

#6 What The Heck

Image source: fischeringabi

#7 Celebrities Are People Too

Image source: terrycrews

#8 This Hidden Camera Disguised As A Clock In My Airbnb

Image source: yumchasupreme

#9 This Grouch Thought It Was Ok To Pop A Squat On The Buns. Then She Proceeded To Yell At Me For Stealing Her Spot In Line At The Deli Courter

Image source: criscotwisterqueen

#10 That’s Just Being A Jerk

Image source: veevixin

#11 Hamden’s Historic “Door Tree,” A Natural Feature Celebrated For Nearly 150 Years, Has Been Cut Down By Vandals

Image source: SCCT Regional Water Authority

#12 Daycare Worker Wrote A Note On A Baby’s Stomach To Shame His Mom Into Packing More Diapers

Image source: heather.chisum.58

The worker has been fired.

#13 People That Feel Entitled Enough To Disrespect Signs

Image source: cassandrasoleil

#14 Drugging Your Whole Workplace Because Why Not

Image source: DarkStar0129

#15 This Guy Is Watching Netflix In The Cinema Without Headphones

Image source: OzTs

We asked the staff to do something about it, they came after 40 minutes and told him to mute it. He doesn’t give a damn.

#16 Calling A Hardworking Man Trash

Image source: AfcZane_

#17 Seem Like A Lovely Couple

Image source: manda_like_wine

#18 Absolute Jerk Sells Her Friend’s Dog. Who Would Do That?

Image source: allthekos

#19 Wendy Williams Mocks Joaquin Phoenix For Having A ‘Cleft Lip’

Image source: Wendy

#20 I Watched An Artist Spend Days On This, Two Days After He Finished I Walk Past This. What’s Even The Point

Image source: Hazmainian_devil

#21 Teacher Making You Feel Bad For Using The Bathroom

Image source: Flarebomb

#22 Girl Is Repulsed By Man Having An Old Phone

Image source: O-shi

#23 Using Your Child’s Educational Growth For Views

Image source: TaylorLorenz

#24 Local Thrift Store

Image source: harrmic7

#25 This Woman, Who Would Not Stop Sunbathing Next To A Funeral Even After Being Asked To Move Several Times

Image source: Gombi20

#26 Rot In Hell, Brad

Image source: RiverFly28

#27 Using A Pitcher Plant As Trash Bin

Image source: P-O-T-S

#28 Saw This On My Facebook Feed This Morning. Just When I Thought My Hometown Couldn’t Get Worse

Image source: jworking

#29 I Was On A 9 Hour Flight And My Seat Was Broken So The Flight Attendent Told Me To Sit Next To This Woman

Image source: lolleknolle

2 seats next to her were free. The woman told me that I couldn’t sit there because she had another layover and needed to sleep. This is what I came back to after leaving my seat for the toilet.

#30 “Dont Get Me What I Asked For”

Image source: TFB1215

#31 Washing Dog’s Bum On A Drinking Fountain

Image source: Rebecca Laurie

#32 Stealing From A Guy Who Asked You Out

Image source: SydneyShyanneS

#33 What Could Go Wrong If My Neighbor Put Hot Charcoal From His Grill Into A Trash Can

Image source: TheCubeZero

#34 My Mom Gave Him 120 Days To Find A New Place To Live, His Is How He Left It, Also Infested With Bedbugs And Dumped Paint By On The Hardwood Floors

Image source: mojogirl58

#35 Got Soiled Diapers? Put Them Underneath Chaise Lounge At Beach Resort

Image source: Scarboyski

#36 Bros, Don’t Be Like This

Image source: lara_hogan

#37 People Don’t Exchange Their Human Dignity For £46

Image source: ready_playerone

#38 Leaving Fake Currency Around To Trick People Into Seeing Your Message

Image source: davidstickman

#39 Coworker Brought His Dog To The Office. Dog Did This, Coworker Says “I’m Real Busy So Can Some Else Get It”

Image source: alwayz4word

#40 Being A Cinema Worker And Having To Clear Up After These Delightful People

Image source: maebyline

Yes, sadly, the boxes are still half full of soggy cereal and milk.

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