30 People Who Got Called Out Online For Being Complete Jerks

Published 2 years ago

There are many jerks out there who try to make themselves feel better by putting down others, being rude or being disrespectful to people, or by showing a sense of entitlement.

Today, we have gathered some examples of the meanest, rudest, and most annoying people who were exposed online. So, here is a little trigger warning to you if you are going to scroll ahead- some of these posts may make your blood boil and spike your blood pressure. Read at your own risk and stop midway if you feel that it’s too much.

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#1 Package Got Delivered. Shortly After, It Was Very Slowly Undelivered

Image source: merylcreepxxx

#2 Please Don’t Leave Fake Tips I’m Trying To Go To College

Image source: iskermitagod

#3 Stepmom Of The Year

Image source: darkizzle

#4 Some People Just Wanna Watch The World Burn. Literally

Image source: LukathePrince

#5 And They Also Call Themselves Pro-Life…

Image source: mhdksafa

#6 Taking All Of The Seats During Rush Hour

Image source: klok52jasdert

#7 Found In London

Image source: xClouddd

#8 Did She Purchase Or Put Back Any Of The Books? Of Course Not

Image source: Swaggie-J

#9 Baby Nails

Image source: _iucaa

#10 Cheating Is So Cool

Image source: Josef_t

#11 Stealing From A Self-Isolating, Vulnerable Neighbor

Image source: maylesa

#12 Every Day This Lady Walks Her Dog And Throws Its Poop In The Same Tree

Image source: reddit.com

#13 Don’t Even Get Me Started On The People That Test Spray Paint Like This

Image source: JustAnotherHuman007

#14 No Concern For Others

Image source: MattHarringer

#15 Don’t Know If This Fits Here

Image source: niklaswedde

#16 Just Discrediting Someone’s Loss Because Of The Narrative You Believe

Image source: lilahogger

#17 Karen Desperately Needed Her Nails Done

Image source: DamnKaren

#18 Imagine Being A Selfish Person Like Her

Image source: TDIsideHustle

#19 Stealing All The Hanging Baskets In A Small Village Near Me Put Up By The Village Kids To Cheer People Up

Image source: Daerynn

#20 Putting Gum In The Charging Slots On Public Transport

Image source: adam_finn

#21 My Gym Is Trying To Catch This Guy

Image source: 4_tha_ents

#22 If You Leave Public Park Tables Like This, You’re A Jerk

Image source: Digeratii

#23 Someone Actually Did This

Image source: averagemale2

#24 Someone Took A Chainsaw To The Cedar Base Of A Bridge In A Forest In WA To Sell The Cedar On The Black Market

Image source: waDNR

#25 Worst Customer. Ever

Image source: James C.

#26 People Are So Infuriating

Image source: real_jroe

#27 Uber Driver Gets Attacked By Rowdy Passengers After Asking One Of Them To Put On A Mask (Fix)

Image source: timesnow

#28 Lady Gaga Went To A Starbucks And Bought Gift Cards To Pay For Coffee For The Customers That Came After Her. This Was What The Barista Did Instead

Image source: WildinMonsters

#29 This Jerk Let His Dog Poop In The Hallway Of A Hotel I Manage. Didn’t Clean It Up. Didn’t Tell Anyone. Then Argued When I Charged Him A Cleanup Fee

Image source: -swilliamz-

Am I wrong? My housekeeping staff should not have to clean up dog poop.

#30 “Inspiring”

Image source: natalie_schlater

Saumya Ratan

Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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