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20 Times People Showed A Terrible Sense Of Entitlement And Got Shamed By Folks Online

Published 1 year ago

The world is full of entitled people who believe that everything should go their own way. If you’ve ever encountered people who believe that they are better than everyone else, you probably know that it’s not a pleasant experience to be with them.

Whether it’s because their parents spoiled them or because of deep-seated insecurities, some people just act like the whole world owes them something. The Reddit communities like ‘Entitled Bish’ and ‘Eff You Karen’ are some of the places online where these jerks are called out for their unrealistic sense of entitlement. Scroll below to see some of the examples that were posted online.

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#1 This Tweet Says It All

Image source: StellaParton

#2 Karens Then, Karens Now…..

Image source: Pransant

#3 Triggered By A 9 Yrold

Image source: Upbeat-Head-3363

#4 This Restaurant Is Really Sick Of Karen’s S***!

Image source: depressed_popoto

#5 Some Customers Are Worth Losing

Image source: thestudlife

#6 You Would Think They Would Be Nicer After Leaving Church

Image source: ifallupthestairsalot

#7 Almost 15 Minutes After Last Slot

Image source: cleefas

#8 Canadian Women’s Hockey Team Beat Russia While Wearing Masks

Image source: CapitalCourse

#9 If You Have A Monthly Income Or £30 Why Are You Tryna Buy Art? Ohhh Cus You Expected Me To Work For Free Gotcha

Image source: Glitchikat

#10 Found At My Local Walmart Today

Image source: xxmoonlitnightx

#11 Bro..?

Image source: KingVincas

#12 A Woman Who Has Never Had A Job Accused Women Of Not Wanting To Work

Image source: F4RN3RB0CK3N

#13 The License Plate Says It All

Image source: RedMegalosaurus

#14 A Girl I Haven’t Spoken To Since Graduating High School Just Straight Up Asked For A Wedding Invite

Image source: flamingotitties

#15 I Hate Humans

Image source: IndyMazzy

#16 Fb Post Asking For Free Service

Image source: AntUpbeat7697

#17 Found In The Wild Today In A Tag Group

Image source: ImaSlutForRangoons

#18 Customer Karen

Image source: Adelu1219

#19 Karen Want To Get Rid Of Her Fiancé’s 5 Years Old Kid

Image source: Tatarkingdom

#20 Mind Your Goddamn Business Karen!

Image source: torriangray

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