30 Times Signs Were Created To Expose Terrible People

Published 3 years ago

Although there are many kind people on Earth, unfortunately, there are also many people who exhibit trashy behavior. Some signs were specifically created to expose the shameful behavior displayed by humans. Maybe, it will stop doing them from doing horrible things if they are publically shamed.

The subreddit r/trashy  shares trashy behavior displayed by humans that needs to be called out. Here we have collected some signs that were posted on the subreddit. Just by reading the signs, you’ll realize how crude and awful people can be. Scroll below to read some signs that are asking people to show some basic manners.

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#1 If It’s On The Porch, It Must Be Free!

Image source: TimThomasIsMyGod

#2 Take Your [poop] Home

Image source: jedewin

#3 Travel To Country And Complain About Bad English

Image source: el_raton

#4 Found In London

Image source: xClouddd

#5 People Won’t Stop Throwing Trash On Trees

Image source: sayke

#6 Sigh…

Image source: agentalexk

#7 My Neighbors Who Took A Delivery That Didn’t Belong To Them

Image source: BasicBaby

#8 When Your Neighbor’s Are Exhausted Of Your Fighting, It’s Time To Reflect On Some Things (Not My Photo)

Image source: TimeLordArtie

#9 A Sign At My Girlfriend’s Workplace. Unfortunately It’s A Common Occurrence, Enough To Warrant Signs Like This

Image source: TrippyJay

#10 There Has To Be A Story Behind This

Image source: whatthefrenchtoast2

#11 Mildly Infuriating That A Restaurant Would Need To Put A Sign Up Because Of Tiktoks

Image source: BrassWallet

#12 Stealing From A Self-Isolating, Vulnerable Neighbour

Image source: maylesa

#13 I Think This Flyer That I Saw Recently Fits In This Sub

Image source: _ClownPants_

#14 My Local Vets Office…

Image source: ButtFunk69

#15 Just Why

Image source: Boomer12324

#16 Found This In My Apartment’s Stairwell. Give Them Their Granny Back!

Image source: MrBulldopes

#17 Local Thrift Store.

Image source: harrmic7

#18 People Throwing Objects At A Dog And Scaring Him

Image source: Wise-Scholar

#19 Let’s Just Get This Out In The Open

Image source: LeeOCD

#20 It Got So Bad They Had A Sign Made…

Image source: seehispugnosedface

#21 The Fact They Even Needed To Put This Sign Up

Image source: Hankman66

#22 This Sign In A Minnesota Bathroom

Image source: frontmynack

#23 Stealing Plants?

Image source: bobekyrant

24 They Actually Had To Post A Sign

Image source: GooberThumbFace

#25 Someone Stole This Old Lady’s Chair

Image source: Chukook12

#26 Stealing A Flag

Image source: zpeti

#27 The Things Some People Need To Be Told

Image source: Brown-eyed_mullet

#28 This Sign

Image source: Hot_Lifeguard5603

#29 Found At A Chinese Buffet. Imagine Being The Reason They Had To Put The Sign Up

Image source: poopadoope

#30 Sign On The Door Of The Brand New Dollar Store In My Neighborhood

Image source: TrixieAaa

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