30 Times People Used Metal Detectors To Discover Amazing Things

Published 3 years ago

Have you ever spotted people with metal detectors combing the beach and wondered whether these guys find anything more than rusty bottle caps and an occasional coin? Well, you’d be surprised. Turns out that sometimes they stumble upon some pretty interesting things – and they often share their luckiest finds to the r/MetalDetecting subreddit.

The users of this online community are sharing the most amazing things they found while metal detecting, and you might get tempted to buy one of your own. From expensive diamond rings to historic artifacts, see some of the most impressive posts shared to this online group in the gallery below!

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#1 So Excited! Was Toying With The Simplex’s Settings In My Field Last Night. Found My First 10k. Grad Year 1967. My Brother And I Hunted Him Down By Initials. Called This Morning And He And His Wife Cried With Joy. His Mom Bought This For Him As She Was Passing Of Cancer. Was Stolen In The 80s

Image source: marified

#2 Finally! It Wasn’t A Pull Tab

Image source: Djalohr

#3 I Just Sent Home “Jr” To California. The Family Are Thrilled And I Can Rest Easy Knowing The Right Thing Is Done

Image source: steals-from-kids

#4 My Buddy Threw His Detector Down And Started This Wild And Crazy Dance. I Tried To Ask Him What He Found, But He Couldn’t Speak. He Had To Point To It

Image source: Buck_Thorn

#5 Wow, This Was Really Cool. Landlady Saw Me Metal Detecting In The Yard And Told Me She Had Lost A Treasured Silver Ring She Got In Bali 5 Years Ago In Her Garden. I Found It In An Hour, She Was Almost Crying

Image source: woodrodius

#6 Motorcycle L-300. According To Archaeologists, This Motorbike Was Hidden By The Retreating Units Of The Soviet Army In The Summer Of 1941

Image source: bikepost

#7 First Time Metal Detecting Found A Over 100 Year Old Time Capsule!

Image source: Gtclem0

#8 It’s Finally Happened. My First Hammered. Henry III Silver Hammered Coin ~1250, England

Image source: wayofthebush

#9 Found 320 Year Old Silver Today In The Netherlands!

Image source: Openrefrigerator

#10 Random Find Of The Day… Squidward!

Image source: pickledearwaxcake

#11 The Ring I Found Earlier This Year Has Been Identified As Late Medieval Dating Around 1450. Due To Its Age And Material I Am Obliged To Report It And Auction It To Museums

Image source: DohertyBS

#12 Easily My Weirdest Find

Image source: 808snorkeler

#13 Last Year I Found This Silver Annular Brooch. It’s Been Disclaimed As Treasure So I Can Now Wear It For The First Time In 400 Years!

Image source: poshjosh1999

#14 One Of My Favorite Finds. Wwii Paratrooper Wrist Compass

Image source: Wainsapain

#15 Take A Look At What I Found! A Dream Come True! The Gard From A Viking Sword Found In A Field In Norway. Look At The Intricate Design On This One. Found With Fisher F75+

Image source: ElveMonster

#16 What I Thought Was A Roman Grot Turned Out To Be A Heavily Oxidised Denarius Of Titus Dating To Around 80ad!

Image source: poshjosh1999

#17 Found In My Front Yard, Live About 5 Miles From Where The Carnival Was Held! One Of My Favorite Finds So Far

Image source: fettyboi1738

#18 Y’all Are Always Posting Damn Coins And I’m Digging Up Bottled Tomato Sauce

Image source: MrDurka

#19 This Silver Pendant I Found Metal Detecting Is Dated 227 Years Ago Today

Image source: Silver_Winged

#20 Metal Detecting In Australia, Minus 2 Gold Rings I Returned

Image source: TTT334

#21 Dug This Lovely Small Viking Era Broach From Finland

Image source: Puukkomies

#22 Bob Is Heading Home To Wisconsin Tomorrow

Image source: steals-from-kids

#23 Lady Of Lake Washington Seattle. This One Was Recovered In 12 Feet Of Water. Who Was She? Where Was She From? And What Was Life Like Then?

Image source: lowtonedigging

#24 Okay. Now That I’ve Stopped Screaming “Holy S Holy S* Holy S” I Can Actually Post This. I Just Found This Absolute Stunner Out The Back Of A Supermarket In Scotland With A Garret Ace 150. Ran Home To Clean It Detector In Hand Lol

Image source: handyteacup

#25 Local Police And Detectives Are Here. Called State Police Who Are Getting The Medical Examiners Office Involved. Human Bone Fragment + Handgun + Concrete Slab

Image source: crossmod

#26 Found My First Bit Of Silver!

Image source: 07Stocka

#27 From 1 Beach With My Girlfriend The Other Night. Both Rings Are 18k, 1 With Diamonds. That’s 7 Rings In Total! All Were Shallow With The Equinox 800 And 15×12 Coil

Image source: TTT334

#28 First Time Hitting Gold! Definitely Did The Gold Dance In My Head. Weighs 5g

Image source: BobDucca

#29 Parents Gave Me A Metal Detector. First Time Ever Detecting, First Beep I Heard. Found An Earring I Lost As A Little Girl (Probably 15 Years Ago) About 2inches Down

Image source: subaw0067

#30 So, I Was Advised By An Elderly Resident That A Local School Field ( School Is No Longer Open), That It Used To Be An Army Camp. Took My Detector Over There And Over The Course Of Two, 2 Hour Trips, I’ve Had These Coins. All Dating Back To Victorian Era, Up To Both King Georges. Wow!

Image source: Lewks12

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