40 Photos Of Parents Failing At Technology

Published 2 months ago

The ever-evolving landscape of technology has become a perpetual whirlwind, leaving our gadgets outdated at an astonishing pace. Every couple of years, our phones become relics, and laptops gracefully retire after just about five years of service. In this fast-paced digital era, where new apps, devices, and social media platforms emerge almost daily, the learning curve for tech-savvy skills can feel like a perpetual climb. 

For those who navigated a world without the internet and smartphones, mastering basic tech skills can appear daunting, leading some to simply opt-out. The result? A hilarious collection of technological mishaps shared by amused offspring capturing their parents’ creative interpretations of gadgets and, at times, a complete misunderstanding of their intended purpose. Scroll through these laugh-out-loud moments, and you might just find a snapshot that resonates with the charmingly tech-challenged experiences of your own parents!

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#1 Walked In On My Dad Using A Magnifying Glass To Read Text On His iPhone. My dad doesn’t know how to zoom in on his iPhone. This is how he reads his texts and emails.

Image source: kellalyne

#2 My Parents Watch TV Without Moving The Mouse

Image source: nickyeeee


#3 My Dad Never Takes The Stickers Off Of His Things And He Yells At Me If I Touch Them

Image source: Purple_Banana77

Anna Ekberg: I want to peel them off, is it wrong?

#4 This Phone My Dad Left On Charge For 4 Months

Image source: robotsandtoast

TotallyNOTAFox: Quite brave to touch a Danger Pillow…

#5 My Mom Thought My Controller Would Be A Good Birthday Cake Decoration And It’s Not Coming Off. Don’t worry though, I still love my mom.

Image source: Distinct_Programmer4

ThatCapybara: This is all kinda wholesome <3

#6 My Dad Plays The Xbox With It Closed And He Wonders Why It Randomly Turns Off. I Told Him It Was Overheating, But He Didn’t Listen To Me

Image source: Xfluid

BlueBlazer999: The Xbox is also sideways, so it won’t ventilate the best. Yeah, it’s overheating.

#7 My Dad Wanted To Copy My Mom’s Shopping List Onto His Phone

Image source: Sir_Adian

Noltha: Faster ;)

#8 My Dad’s Router At His Workplace

Image source: Fusional_Gaming

#9 This Is Brilliant

Image source: stephenjmolloy

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Wiffle Fiffle! I’m calling it that from now on.

#10 My Mother’s Desktop

Image source: camfruitshoot

jasper: Oh for the love of all that is holy…

#11 My Mom Posted A Valentine’s Message On Facebook, But The Computer Was Logged On To My Dad’s Account, So It Looks Like My Dad Posted A Valentine’s Message To… Himself

Image source: anthonyocampo

#12 My Friend’s Mom Photocopied Her Phone For Some Recipes

Image source: rottnzonie

#13 I Asked My Mom What She Did With My USB Mouse. She Replied, “I’m Charging It”. She Was Serious

Image source: reddit.com

#14 I Have Parents, So I’m Basically Tech Support 24/7. But Today, This Masterpiece

Image source: jimhejl

#15 My Mum Is Using Her Laptop In The Rain On The Beach

Image source: AloneRefrigerator789

River wolf (she/her): Gonna need a real big tub of rice.

#16 Student Spilled Nail Polish On A Computer. Mother Tried To Clean It And Washed Off 26 Keys

Image source: SpicyBoyCam

Louise Clarke: Acetone is a very good solvent

#17 My Friend’s Mom’s Phone

Image source: LunaVerda

Molly Whuppie: is your friend’s mom ok? 2 of those tabs are worrying

#18 Photos I Take Of My Mom vs. Photos She Takes Of Me

Image source: katieslabyrinth

#19 That Is Hilarious

Image source: LxMo

Bear Hall: What?! Who?! Why?! Face palm.

#20 He Works In A Factory But Clearly Doesn’t Dust

Image source: jackofallgames7

John Bababuie: Put it in rice

#21 Mom Using Her Car’s Phone Holder For Written Driving Directions

Image source: TheBikeWhisperer

#22 My Mom Said That It Once Shocked Her When She Plugged It In

Image source: GeroX13

#23 I Think My Mum May Be The Only Person Who Prints Her Snapchat Pictures

Image source: tpowpow

#24 I Gave My Mom A Smartwatch For Mother’s Day. She Plugged The Micro USB End Of Her Phone Charger Into The USB-A Plug Of The Watch Charger And Said: “I Didn’t Know, It Fits!”

Image source: lars2k1

#25 Perhaps She Wanted To Listen To Some Electric Music

Image source: RSTYCG

Stygtand: Listening to electric light orchestra.

#26 Me: “Mom, What Is That On Your iPhone?”, My Mom: “Oh, I Needed To Remember My Friend’s Phone Number”

Image source: jesshanebury

#27 I Was Helping My Mom Set The Alarm When I Noticed That Her Stopwatch Had Been Running For Quite A While

Image source: grafino

NetworkMan (edited): If that’s hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds, thats been running for a little over a year and a half.

#28 My Dad Printed Out A Text Conversation. My Mom Was Looking For A Recipe, So My Dad Texted My Brother And Printed Out The Response In This 170-Point Font

Image source: metalmolly

#29 I Went Home To My Parents’ House And Found This Adapter Monstrosity Behind The TV

Image source: talminator101

#30 My Mom And Aunt Went Up To The Cottage And Called Asking For Help Because They Wanted To Screen Mirror A Movie And It Wasn’t Working. I asked them to take a picture of what they were doing and they sent me this.

Image source: sushicats

#31 My Dad Wanted To Share Something He Found On The Internet With Me

Image source: protean_shake

#32 This Is How My Dad Set Up His TV… If Anyone Ever Flames Me Again For My Stream Setup, You Know Where I Got It From

Image source: Naguura

#33 My Father’s PC, Ladies And Gentlemen

Image source: PiercedAngel96

#34 My Mom’s Staying For Thanksgiving. She Wanted To Make Tea But Instead Of Asking For Help With The Electric Kettle She Microwaved My ‎Rechargeable, Self-Heating Mug And Caught It On Fire. $200 down the drain.

Image source: teajoeytristian

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: I don’t care about the mug, but your mother should be severely punished for making tea in the microwave. *angry noises and tut-tutting from England *

#35 My Mom’s Emails. Unreal

Image source: catsoverhumand

Anna Ekberg: Anxiety levels rising….

#36 My Mom Is Really Good With Technology

Image source: jlamb4415

#37 Went Home For Christmas, My Dad Finally Got Reading Glasses And Used The Sticker To Cover Up A Notification On His Phone He Couldn’t Get Rid Of

Image source: midskycollision

#38 My Dad Put Toothpaste On His Phone Because The Screen Cracked And He Believed One Of Those Life-Hack Videos

Image source: high_in_school

#39 My Mom Likes To Keep The Plastic On Her Desktop

Image source: audrykk

shanila.pheonix_ (edited): honestly, same. and then i forget about it and after a few years, i like peeling it off and revealing the ✨cleanness✨ underneath. it feels brand new and it’s so satisfying

#40 My Mom Bought Me A Micro SD Card From A Garage Sale. She Knew I Was Looking For A Larger One For My Phone

Image source: sardu1

Bernd Herbert: I remember times when this card would have been science-fiction

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