40 Black Friday Sale Pics That May Convince You It’s Not Worth It

Published 8 months ago

People are aware that sales are usually marketing gimmicks to encourage more consumption. However, despite this knowledge, we are still tempted to wait for ‘Black Friday’ to make our purchases in the hopes of getting an extra discount. 

However, more and more people are realising that this is just a trick however, and sharing posts with proof of this stunt via pics and videos which are currently going viral. Scroll below to check out pretty damning evidence of these instances that clearly indicate exactly how far stores will go to give you the impression of a bargain when in reality you’re getting nothing of the sort. 

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#1 A Black Friday “Bargain”

Image source: Zoykah

Francois: A lot of Black Friday deals are like that. Still people fall for it. Or they are selling an older model or deal is less good than a previous deal.

#2 Black Friday At Walmart – The line decided to cross the street, blocking traffic. It extended down the parking lane rather than turning down the sidewalk like normal human beings.

Image source: Alldamage

BolsI thought you cannot be normal to shop at Walmart (:

#3 My Partner Ordered Our First Ever “Big Purchase” On The Black Friday Sale. Apparently, The Delivery Guy Dropped It Down The Stairs And Ran

Image source: BabyinAjar

Phoebe BeanI hope you got that incident on camera.

#4 Black Friday At A Walmart In Alabama. So Many People Waiting To Just Get In

Image source: tjburns85

Errrm..wot?So.. no one is going to address the horse in the room?

#5 Deals Like This – Costco sales are unbeatable right now. They’re next to the tires, in case you were wondering.

Image source: joonbug2010

#6 Black Friday Scam

Image source: _MeganLouisee_

#7 The Majority Of Stores At “Toronto Premium Outlet” Have Put Stickers Over Cheaper Prices Or Have Changed Tags For The Black Friday Weekend

Image source: TheTrueHolyOne

#8 Target’s Black Friday Sale

Image source: banana119

#9 My Local Macy’s Store After Black Friday Sale

Image source: Dankaay

Charlie the CatWhere do you even start to clean that up? I think I would just quit my job.

#10 What A Great Black Friday Deal

Image source: Fugim

UndertaleLover (She/Her)At least put the new price over the old one…they’re not even trying.

#11 This Ad

Image source: almostparallel76

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: Ah,good old capitalism. Never letting important social issues get in the way of making a few quid.

#12 FedEx “Efficiency”. I Live In Oregon And Ordered This Package On Black Friday

Image source: mtheory11

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): None of those places are in Oregon. WTF?!?

#13 The Laptop I Bought Online On Black Friday

Image source: ZedOnNutella

#14 Target Has These Up All Over Their Electronics Section. Guess Which Games Are Specifically Excluded From The Offer

Image source: ilebeck

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/hetI’m not a gamer, but I’m guessing it’s the ones people actually want that are excluded?

#15 The New TV I Bought For Black Friday From Walmart

Image source: nwballer503

#16 This Sums Up Black Friday

Image source: imconfusedman

#17 My Friend Saw A Baby Being Born At A Walmart On Black Friday

Image source: crass_anon

Phoebe BeanThat gives “New Arrivals” a whole new meaning.

#18 This Epic Black Friday Deal

Image source: that1w3irdk1d

MissyScoooore!! 🤑

#19 Here In Brasil There’s No Black Friday But Only Scam

Image source: Mr_Ramiro

Phoebe Bean: Scam.Scam.Scam.

#20 This Chair I Was Going To Buy Was £169.99 A Few Hours Before Amazon’s Black Friday “Sale” Started

Image source: XcoldmineX

#21 My Friend Ordered Two Fitbits During The Amazon Black Friday Sale, But Got Paper Plates Instead

Image source: Parish87

#22 These Dudes Are Trying To Put Two 65″ TVs On The Top Of Their Honda Civic. Just Unreal

Image source: Coachmun

#23 They Told Me They Are Waiting For Black Friday. What Do They Need That Bad? I’m Sure They Could Get It Online

Image source: Disguising

#24 My Coworker Went A Little Crazy On HDMI Cables This Black Friday

Image source: ItsSnowingOutside

Tucker CahooterMore money than sense

#25 When You’re At The Hospital And It Dawns On You That Today Is Black Friday

Image source: emtcj

Phoebe Bean: Priorities.

#26 I Finally Bought Myself A Security Camera On Black Friday From Target After Dealing With A Psycho. However, I Got Rice Instead

Image source: Shadowflare000

Phoebe BeanTarget needs security cameras…

#27 What A Steal

Image source: fourNtwentyz

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/hetNow,my maths isn’t brilliant, buuut…

#28 Black Friday, The One Day Saving 30 Bucks Is More Important Than Your Baby’s Well Being

Image source: uvasif28

#29 When You Go Shopping On Black Friday But Forget Your Child’s Stroller

Image source: Kawaii_

Jason: My son would probably ask me to be carried around like this

#30 My Friend Ordered Two Elgato Game Capture Cards At $180 On Black Friday, And Amazon Sent Him Two Empty Boxes

Image source: ishan0102

The Scout: Most common cause for this is actually Amazon’s return policy – or the human tendency to use it for scams. People order the game, demand a refund, send back the empty case as a product, looking unopeened, and some underpaid workers restock them without opening. When a later customer orders, they are sent out again.

#31 This Occurred On Black Friday At A Local Shopping Mall In Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Image source: inspectorgadget03

Amy leeDavid Attenborough: “here we are, during peak mating season of vehicle vehicularis, the paler juvenile attempts to mount his mate but slips, which might result in the frenzy commonly referred to as ‘the pile up'”.

#32 Apparently Someone Got A Little Too Excited And Lost Their Underwear In The Bathroom On Black Friday

Image source: BabyHuey

#33 People Who Do This

Image source: IramFlorCamacho

The ScoutIn America, this gets you a “Have a nice day, sir”. Everywhere else it’s “You are banned for life. Please leave immediately.” Some retail workers I know would even add “…after you have cleaned up this mess”.

#34 I Captured The Essense Of Black Friday In One Picture

Image source: rusty_L_shackleford

Ali H M SalehuddinJust curious. They do not offer free deliveries over there in the US? Here, anything that does not fit inside a car usually comes with free delivery so long the distance is less than 50km radius from the store.

#35 Black Friday Fail. People Are Fighting Over Products

Image source: RealBasedMAGA

DadManBluesBlack Fightday

#36 Black Friday Sales Are Fire This Year

Image source: JayBowdy

#37 Such A Great Deal. Amazon vs. Manufacturer’s Retail Price

Image source: zubrowka1

I’ve been waiting to buy this on Amazon, assuming there would be some sort of Black Friday discount. But no, the price stayed at $150, but they added a crossed-out price, which is even higher than the actual manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

#38 Be On The Lookout For The Best Black Friday Deals

Image source: Davinter30

#39 Black Friday Parking. This Guy Parks On The Plant Bed In Between The Handicap Parking

Image source: hansol93

Multa NocteSadly enough, I have to give him credit for not taking the handicapped spaces.

#40 This Black Friday Sale Tactic

Image source: applesaucey05

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