40 Unfortunate Thanksgiving Pics That Drew Sympathy Online

Published 8 months ago

It’s that time of the year when the PSA video warning folks not to deep fry their unthawed turkey as it can start a fire, starts making the rounds again. Thanksgiving is here once more and while many are elbow-deep in preparing their tastiest culinary delights, it also means some folks are ending up with some Thanksgiving fails instead as well. Scroll below to check out an entertaining collection of photos of kitchen fires, slippery stairs, grumpy grills and more.

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#1 My Boyfriend Fell Down Our Stairs On Thanksgiving Day. Instead Of Fixing The Hole, We Got Creative

Image source: Rwolinski

#2 The Handle Of My Serving Spoon Snapped. Turns Out The Handle Was Full Of Sand, And It Ruined My Delicious Turkey Stuffing

Image source: Silveeto

#3 My Brother’s Face, From My Point Of View, The Entirety Of Our Thanksgiving Dinner. I Didn’t Tell Him Until The End, When We Took The Picture

Image source: echof0xtrot

#4 Nailed It

Image source: iamTatertot

#5 This Stack Of Plates We Bought For Thanksgiving Only Has The Top Plate Decorated, And The Rest Are Plain White

Image source: ajcorrao

#6 I Bit Down On My Crown While Eating An Appetizer Right Before Thanksgiving Dinner

Image source: 0hsewcute

#7 My Late Mum Had This Served To Her On Thanksgiving During One Of Her Many Stays In The Hospital. They Called It A “Hot Turkey Sandwich”

Image source: Kleorah

#8 Last Night, We Put Our Turkey Carcass In Water In Our Crockpot Slow Cooker To Make Stock. Later In The Evening, The Glass Lid Spontaneously Shattered

Image source: nogluten.noproblem

#9 My Sister Was Supposed To Bring A Dessert For Thanksgiving

Image source: bettercallsaul3

#10 Mom Was Making Thanksgiving Pie When Suddenly This Happened

Image source: hbmomo

#11 I Win Thanksgiving

Image source: busymommymedia

#12 An Extended Family Member Broke The Toilet Seat While At A Gathering And Left Without Mentioning It To Anyone

Image source: ZeroSleepSamus

#13 I Stayed Up Until 4 AM Baking My First Fully From Scratch Apple Pie For Thanksgiving. Stayed Up Until 4:30 AM Having A Breakdown Over Dropping It

Image source: Lilcatbeans

#14 Presentation Is A Key This Thanksgiving

Image source: TheKingGinger03

#15 My Friend’s Thanksgiving Turkey

Image source: alwaysangrythrowaway

#16 This Is How My Thanksgiving Is Going So Far. This morning, Whole Foods delivered the groceries that I ordered yesterday but forgot to remove the lock from the bottle of champagne.

Image source: lifebyande

#17 I Accidently Branded Rachael Ray’s Name On Myself With One Of Her Roasting Trays

Image source: doyouhaveeyedrops

#18 My Wife Tried Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner For Us And Actually Burned The Cookbook

Image source: unclemerle1775

#19 Pie Update: “The Paw Print Is Now A Small Sinkhole. The Piece Lives On, For Posterity”

Image source: tayhatmaker

#20 Maybe Enough Gravy Can Fix That?

Image source: alissiaalvarez2

#21 My Sister Made A Turkey Cake. I Can’t Decide If It Looks Like A Log Of Poo Or A Dong, But It Ain’t A Turkey For Sure

Image source: bigfootsbestfriend

#22 Well Guess Who Forgot To Take The Thermometer Out When I Checked On The Turkey

Image source: neospacebandit

#23 Happy Thanksgiving

Image source: SpectacularJade

#24 Grandfather Tried To Cook A Turkey In A Pizza Oven Today

Image source: sanfranfreak

#25 My Solid White Husky/Shepherd Decided Thanksgiving Lunch Was The Perfect Opportunity To Be A Bad Boy

Image source: SuperKook

#26 Our Family Will Come For Thanksgiving, And My Mom Set Her Oven, Not Remembering That She Had Silicone Rack Guards In There. Fun fact: If heated high enough silicone vaporizes and does this to the oven.

Image source: ElvenQueen1

#27 I Turned The Wrong Stove Burner On, And My Pumpkin Pie Made From Scratch Exploded

Image source: TheGidget007

#28 Happy Thanksgiving

Image source: scrubulba123

#29 On Thanksgiving I Asked My Niece If She Farted. She Got Pretty Upset, And Then Her Mother Caught This Picture Of Our Reactions

Image source: malpheres

#30 Deep Frying A Turkey On A Windy Day

Image source: paulieparker

#31 I Brought Cherry Pie For Our Station Thanksgiving, But I’m Clumsy And Dropped It In The Parking Lot. Thought That Counts?

Image source: carolinebrownwx

#32 Our Thanksgiving

Image source: carliesyczylo_

#33 It Only Lasted 10 Minutes, But Come On

Image source: HardPass4

#34 Happy Humpsgiving

Image source: instagram.com

#35 Many People Helped Out With The Dishes On Thanksgiving Dinner. However, Today I Found My Chef’s Knife Like This

Image source: thegreatvolcanodiver

#36 Every Year At Thanksgiving, I “Fix” My Aunt’s Computer. I Have A Feeling She’s Not Keeping Up With My Advice

Image source: carveit3

#37 My Mom And Sister Are Gone For Thanksgiving, So We Had To Improvise

Image source: spicyboi414

#38 My Mom’s Thanksgiving Desert

Image source: LoobieVR

#39 Happy Thanksgiving. This Brutality Is The Work Of My Mother. That Woman Can’t Carve A Turkey To Save Her Life

Image source: DonkeyToucher

#40 Today I Learned That Slow Cooking A Ham Overnight Will Still Burn The Hell Out Of It

Image source: Queenhotsnakes

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