20 Times Thanksgiving Turned Out To Be A Disaster

Published 1 year ago

Thanksgiving is an amazing time to connect with family and friends. Thus, people want to celebrate this occasion in the best ways possible. However, things do not always happen as expected. 

For some people, Thanksgiving is also synonymous with anxiety, stress, and burnt food. Check out some of the funniest and saddest Thanksgiving fails that we have compiled for you in the gallery below.

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#1 Anddd Just Like That Thanksgiving Is Cancelled… Hand Foot Mouth Disease

Image source: Ninahbae

#2 Thanksgiving Turkey Was Rubbed With Brown Sugar And Seasonings Before Being Deep Fried. Got Carmelized

Image source: derf_vader

#3 My Lonely Thanksgiving Dinner At Work. At Least I Got Turkey And Potatoes…

Image source: SplendaFather

#4 Cats Decided My Pumpkin Pies Were Too Blasé

Image source: Verlonica

#5 I’m Such An Amazing Chef Man

Image source: hoesluvtravis

#6 My Oven Decided Thanksgiving Had Gone Too Smoothly. So It Spontaneously Did This While We Ate

Image source: Salty_Trapper

#7 Happy Thanksgiving

Image source: SkullGamingTR

#8 Friends Ordered A Precooked Turkey From A Local Restaurant

Image source: lifeworthlivin

#9 Turkey Crafted From Spam, Merry Thanksgiving

Image source: PufFyy

#10 X90j I Orders For Thanksgiving. UPS Was Not Kind

Image source: AquaPanda85

#11 My Mom’s Thanksgiving Turkey

Image source: Particular_Swing_860

#12 My Wife’s Cousin’s Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffed With A Loose Handful Of Plain Celery

Image source: kosk11348

She has high-functioning autism and is discovering her love of cooking. She has her own unique sense of aesthetics. If you guys like this one I have several more that are great.

#13 This Is What I Always Look Forward Too For Thanksgiving

Image source: Arkminer

#14 He Had To Prepare A Thanksgiving Gift

Image source: Here-For-The-Comment

#15 Fil Thought Temp Gauge Was A Timer

Image source: RfLock7

#16 Ordered Chinese Food For My Family For Thanksgiving, To Be Untraditional

Image source: burkingshaw

I showed up when they told me to, and they were closed. I’m sure I’ll get the money back… but now I’m driving around town. I’ve gotta figure out something for thanksgiving dinner… And literally nothing is open.

#17 Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Image source: WredditSmark

#18 My Brother Made The Most Upsetting Pie I’ve Ever Had In My Life

Image source: hello__caitlin

#19 I Picked Up Some Last Minute Thanksgiving Items On Lunch Break And Left Them Tied Up In A Bag In The Break Room Fridge. This Is How I Found My Pie

Image source: yroCyaR

#20 Thanksgiving, A Tragic Story

Image source: ggt3416

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