30 People Who Only Had One Job And Still Managed To Fail It

Published 3 years ago

All of us make mistakes every once in a while, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, sometimes we’re faced with tasks where failure is simply not an option – and if we still manage to mess up, we deserve all the shaming that comes with it.

People are sharing the funniest instances where people only had one job and still managed to fail miserably to the r/onejob/ subreddit, and you’ll be surprised by how badly some of them managed to mess up. Poor translations, suggestive decorations, and terrible grammar – check out all that and more in the gallery below!

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#1 Literally Your Last Job

Image source: SpenceBro

In 2016, a suicide bomber with explosives in his laptop boarded a Daallo Airlines flight, intending to destroy the aircraft. Twenty minutes after takeoff, the explosives detonated, blasting a hole in the plane, and instantly sucking the bomber out. He was the only fatality

#2 Got The Christmas Lights Up. They’re… Candles. Yeah. Really

Image source: PaleoGamer

#3 Finished Labeling The Package, Boss

Image source: tuokcalbmai

#4 No Wonder I Was Struggling…

Image source: ItsyBitsyStumblebum

#5 That Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

Image source: CandySunset27

#6 Figured Out The Clan’s Age Boss!

Image source: OkPreference6

Ming the Clam, the world’s oldest animal at 507, was killed by researchers trying to tell how old it was

#7 To Fend Off Covid

Image source: Fatbender11315

#8 I Am So Confused

Image source: ShrektheGodabove

#9 Apparently, Mermaids Have Butts

Image source: reddit.com

#10 That’s One Short Cord

Image source: real_dubblebrick

#11 Visible Confusion

Image source: SmugHatKid12

#12 It Was Almost Fine

Image source: ShrektheGodabove

#13 I Feel So Safe

Image source: nimernith

#14 Safety First

Image source: shiglod1

#15 Posted The Sign, Boss …

Image source: FurryAndWeird

#16 Nope, No Problem Here

Image source: Otakawai

#17 I’m Pretty Sure That’s An Avocado!

Image source: Kazzook

#18 Come On Man…..

Image source: Cameron13o3

#19 Trick Or Trick

Image source: tcatron565

#20 One Space Was All It Was Needed

Image source: MGSBlackHawk

#21 Elmo Born With Eyes On The Back Of His Head

Image source: Newbo91

#22 Installed The Sink Boss!

Image source: reddit.com

#23 I Know This Year Has Sucked, But C’mon…

Image source: skibum267

#24 My Kitkat Was Just A Bar Of Chocolate

Image source: lilosaurus_flex

#25 That’s A Tall Girl, If You Ask Me…

Image source: thompson743

#26 Ah, Scohol. Those Were The Days

Image source: jaydon_epic_man

#27 Legend Has It That It’s Still Good To This Day

Image source: cope413

#28 Disappointed

Image source: anteazeg4

#29 I Ordered A Precision Screwdriver And It Got Delivered Like This

Image source: Crusader_al

#30 Ah Yes Education!

Image source: medoss2005

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