20 Realizations People Had Too Late In Life, As Shared In This Online Thread

Published 2 years ago

In life, you never really stop learning. Just because you’ve been out of school for some time, doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new anymore. Life’s classroom is outside the school grounds.

Just like these 20 people from this Reddit thread. They revealed their discoveries that they have only found out too late in life, but are still worthy of sharing. Below, you’ll see their most amazing and mindblowing discoveries, and perhaps you can learn something new as well! So take your pen and paper ready because you’ll learn something new today!

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“This little piggy went to market”…….the pig was not shopping.

Source: jerseycityfrankie


Image source: CheekyOnion64, Annie Spratt

Percentages are reversible. So 8% of 25 is the same thing as 25% of 8 and sometimes the reverse is easier to calculate.


“Every action made in anger ends in sorrow.”

An attorney, when I was 24

Source: yours121110


Image source: hhairy, Ron Lach

That you can get pregnant the very first time you have sex.


That when people ask to borrow money especially if it’s a friend or family just expect to never see it again.

Source: Different-Chest-5716


Image source: Accurate_Leg_2447, cottonbro

Tell the police nothing.
Tell the paramedic everything.


Image source: btween3n20chars, Christina Morillo

If you press Windows Key + V you can see a list of all the things you’ve copied


No one really cares about you. I don’t mean that in a bad way. But everyone is so busy thinking about themselves, you are always an after thought.

The most embarrassing thing in your life, probably doesn’t matter than much to someone else.

Source: yesIdofloss


Image source: Ysabo13, Maria Avdeeva

On Wednesday I learned that pancakes are so called because they are a cake made in a pan. smh

I’m 61yo


Image source: IceCreamDream10, Andrew Neel

Taking medication for mental illness actually helps


That gargling saltwater works way better than cough drops for colds and sore throats.

Source: Nimbous


Image source: KayaXiali, cottonbro

You can’t get lazy with birth control just because you turn 40.

Signed, Middle Aged Mom of a newborn


Your brain isn’t trying to make you happy or your life easier.

It’s trying to keep you alive. Everything else is secondary.

Source: RelentlessSA


Image source: GKnives, RODNAE Productions

Always get it in writing.


Image source: EmperorZurg14, SHVETS production

That you can actually say no to your parents.


Image source: Mysterious_Valuable1, Maria Kozyr

Flushable wipes are not to be flushed ever.


Image source: Ill-Appointment6494, Liza Summer

Never make an important decision if you are hungry or horny.

Both have a massive impact on your decision making abilities.


Life can literally change forever in the next second, hour or day and that when people say to enjoy every moment of life as if it’s your last, it’s actually good advice to maintain a positive attitude and feel like you have no regrets.

I’m speaking from personal experience – my SO has been diagnosed with a major issue and the good days are limited, so we are living our best life, just enjoying the simple things.

Source: tinyant


Image source: Alberwyne, National Cancer Institute

Apparently you’re not supposed to rinse off your toothpaste.

Edit: Just Google it. Apparently it’s better to leave the toothpaste residue in your mouth so the fluoride can work on your teeth.


Don’t let the in-laws move in.

Source: WebkinzCheekyFanatic

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