25 Mean And Inappropriate Things People Have Said To Pregnant Women, As Shared In This Online Thread

Published 2 years ago

Pregnancy is a sensitive topic for many. According to the NHS, around 1 in 7 couples may have difficulty conceiving. In the US, about 1 in 5 women cannot get pregnant after one year of trying. Millions of women of reproductive age are desperate to have a child yet are unable. It’s funny how life works, isn’t it? While some females are fertile but don’t want to have children, others really want to become mothers but cannot due to medical reasons.

Yet, some people do not apprehend what some couples have to go through to conceive. And it’s hard to believe that some individuals, sometimes medical professionals, dare to ask or tell downright awful things to pregnant women. User Kbasa12 asked fellow female Redditors, “what [have] been the most inappropriate things people have asked you about your pregnancy?” Many women (and some fathers) didn’t hold back and revealed the most unbelievable things people had said to them.

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Image source: hewhaler

I told a coworker I was pregnant, and he said, ‘Great — just what we need! Another woman in your department going out on maternity leave!’


Image source: buzzard302

I’m the father, but my wife had two miscarriages in a row. In the mean time, many friends had babies. We would always get comments like “when are you going to have kids?” Or, “it’s so easy, we got pregnant the first month we stopped birth control”. Thankfully we now have a healthy baby boy, but I learned never to question young couples (or anyone for that matter). You never know if people are having difficulties or what they are going through.


Image source: Thelittlemermaid7

Not pregnant but work for an OBGYN. My patient told me an older woman said “you must be having a girl because you are HIDEOUS!” Apparently it’s an old wives tale that boys make you glow and girls suck the life out of you. She was having her third boy after expensive IVF treatments to have a girl.


Image source: PrettyBaby666

Not the pregnant one, but when my sister was pregnant with my niece someone asked her what position she had sex in and then said that the position would decide the gender of the child. When my sister refused to answer them they decided to get angry and shout that they hoped it was stillborn. Before this my sister had had 4 miscarriages. She was heartbroken and so angry.


Image source: GiBit

One night, I told my pregnant wife she was looking rather plump. Do not recommend.


Image source: occupandi_temporis

Someone asked my boyfriend in front of me if my vagina felt different during pregnancy sex


Image source: Kaleidoscope_eyes11

Someone asked me exactly how we conceived twins, since they don’t run in either of our families. They said we must have done IVF. So I replied, ‘Nope, we had sex. A lot.


Image source: almostthcrazycatlady

Towards the end of my pregnancy, my male boss asked me exactly how dilated I was. Please don’t ask a woman how many centimeters her vagina has stretched since the last time you saw her


Image source: larrieuxa

I was pregnant as a teen, so I guess people thought basic rules of etiquette don’t matter with “the youngins” and I got a lot of really over the line comments, including two separate people who questioned me about my condom usage during my previous “encounters” that led to the pregnancy and what my birth control usage would be in the future to avoid further irresponsible “accidents”.


Image source: dustbunnylurking

I had to see a maternal-fetal medicine specialist who told me he’d recommend this be my last pregnancy but to get an IUD not a tubal ligation because when I get divorced, I’ll want to have a baby with my new man. Never met me before… I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and started to say something like “God forbid, but I suppose something could happen to my husband,” he cut me off to say “divorce is more likely”. I was more than a little upset with that assessment….. More because, either there is a medical necessity to only have 2 pregnancies or there isn’t than his divorce comments, but still…


Image source: ohnocrayons

After we lost our first baby in the first trimester we ended up having a d&c done. The procedure failed and I was left bleeding badly for almost 3 months. My doctor either didn’t believe me or thought that things would get better on their own. I don’t know why I didn’t just go find another doctor. I was depressed and already so defeated but I did keep calling their office and complaining. Finally they sent me in for an ultrasound. The tech just says, “Wow. There’s a lot of stuff in there!” Like ya, it used to be my baby. Now it’s just stuff. Okay. Doc has me back in for an quick in-office procedure to try to remove all the “stuff.” She didn’t get everything. I end up passing the rest of our baby/placenta myself about a month later. Healed up fine with time and lots of support from my amazing husband. We now have a feisty/joyful toddler and another baby on the way. We see a different doctor and I’m a bit more savvy about sticking up for myself.


Image source: occupandi_temporis

Someone actually asked me if my vagina was shaved


Image source: size_matters_not

When my wife was pregnant, an ex-colleague of mine told us she really liked to hug pregnant women from behind, stroke their bump, and pretend it was hers.


Image source: alexaplaydespasito

This lady I worked with figured out when I conceived from my expected due date. It was within a week of my birthday.

She then told everyone in our office that I got pregnant for my birthday. It was super awkward.

I was also asked repeatedly if we were going to circumcise our son. Like why are you f*cking asking me about our son’s genitals? Why is that anyone’s business?


Image source: glynndah

I was talking about morning sickness with someone at work and I mentioned that I hadn’t had any yet. Well, that person said, ‘My sister’s doctor said morning sickness is a good sign. Since you haven’t had it, your baby will probably be deformed


Image source: a_way_out_

i’m not a pregnant woman, but my mom told me that after she had me, she had people telling her that she “took the easy way” out by having a c-section, despite the fact that my heart rate was going down and i would’ve died if she had given birth to me the natural way.


Image source: poppicat2248

My boobs grew from a 32C to a 34EE during my pregnancy, and someone at work said, ‘I bet your hubby loves your boobs now!’ As if there was something wrong with my boobs before.


Image source: fsr87

At swimming lessons a guy was asking me about when the baby was due and whether I had other children and then asked me whether they were all by the same father. Wtf how is that relevant and how is it any of your business?!


Image source: SoaringLizard

Not me, nor anyone I’ve known, but I was listening to the radio one day and the hosts were talking about how they overheard these old ladies talking about a pregnant woman behind her back. They were saying sh*t like, “Ugh, look at how big she is. Back in our day, we would try to hide it, not show it to the world.”

These old ladies were fat shaming a pregnant woman. How f*cked up is that.


Image source: ai_gunslinger

My favorite was when a customer came into my store, saw that I was pregnant, and said, ‘I hope you’re married’


Image source: [deleted]

I have some disabilities (I can’t walk without a stick or crutch), but lead as normal a life as possible. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant, so it’s pretty obvious, but as soon as I started to show I have been asked more than once whether someone ‘like me’ should be having a baby (None of my issues are hereditary, we made sure of that before conceiving).

I’ve been questioned about if I’m taking any medication, then told I’m going to give birth to a crippled/deformed monster as I’m still on some (as soon as I conceived I saw my doctor and stopped any meds that would cause issues).

I’ve also had people express surprise that I’m capable of sex, or that my husband wanted it with me.


Image source: abaihyachi

I’ve been asked four times where I conceived. I’m like, ‘How in depth do you really want that answer?’


Image source: edsetded

I was asked several times what sex position I conceived in. Someone even asked me that in front of my mother!


Image source: scifiwoman

My husband moaning at me because pregnancy hormones made my skin breakout in acne. He told me to see a doctor who said “This is caused by pregnancy. He’s your husband, it’s his baby and he should be more understanding.” Honestly, he showed his true colours once I was married to him and pregnant.


Image source: jbdaddy12

At 7 months pregnant, my wife was in a grocery store, when a woman we do not know walked up, placed her hand on my wife’s baby bump and said, “How precious, you feel like about 7 months pregnant.”

My wife cannot stand being touched, unbidden, by strangers.

So she smiled, grabbed the woman’s boob and replied, “You feel like about a B cup.”

And they parted ways without another word, “B Cup” standing there aghast and stammering. I love my wife.

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