“What’s The Rudest Thing A Guest Has Ever Done In Your Home?” (20 Answers)

Published 2 years ago

When someone invites you to their place and tells you to feel at home, you don’t necessarily take it in a literal sense. That doesn’t mean you should be making a mess or using their belongings like you own them. No matter how well you know the person, being a guest in someone’s house requires respect for their home space and the residents.

However, some guests appear to lack common sense and a bare-minimum level of politeness when it comes to respecting someone’s safe haven. A while ago, Reddit user nl1004 asked other community members, “What’s the rudest thing a guest has ever done in your home?” and thousands of people jumped on the thread to reveal their worst guest encounters. Below, we have gathered some of the most interesting replies from the thread that might leave you stunned by the audacity of some human beings. Enjoy!

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Image source: anon, Blondinrikard Fröberg

Dyed her hair red in our bathroom sink – staining the brand new granite countertop, then dripped onto the new tile floor, then dripped onto the hardwood floor in the hallway, and ultimately slept in our guest bed with wet, freshly dyed red hair – staining the sheets and pillowcase.


Image source: cmoore931, Alanna Risse

I had a friend over and we were eating some of my mom’s chili. He took one bite, pushed the bowl away, and said very loudly at the dinner table “this is not good. Do you have anything else for me to eat?” Needless to say, we weren’t friends after that.

No one insults mom’s chili…


Image source: materix01, FORTYTWO

Wasn’t home when this happened but some family friend I’ve never met and their kid comes over one afternoon.

Kid gets bored and decided it’s a great idea to disassemble every LEGO build I’ve kept over the last 10 years. Almost everything was built from imagination so no instructions to rebuild again. I was devastated when I got home seeing LEGO pieces spread across the entire floor of my room.


Image source: Melliedepena, jaenix

Sat at my kitchen table saying racist things about black football players. Never invited back.


Image source: Nbelcik7, Joe Goldberg

Not sure if this would be considered rude but for sure not a good thing to do. I had 2 Australian kids staying at my house for a baseball tournament one time. One of them was a chronic bed-wetter but never told us. He stayed for 5 nights and peed the bed each night without telling us. Instead each night he pushed whatever he peed on to the end of the bed. First night the sheets, second night the actual mattress protector to stop any pee from getting to it. (It was a bunk bed my brothers and I slept on as children) and lastly, he peed directly on the mattress for 3 nights. Ruined the mattress and we had no idea till he left. The real kicker though is when he took a nap on our new couch. Peed all over it and then fled the scene and we assumed the dog had done it until we saw the bed that is…

I think that is something you should tell people who open their home to you so they can prepare. And please, don’t sleep on the couch if ya know ya got a problem. Also, not trying to shame anyone for this kinda stuff. I feel like it’s more common than most people realize and I honestly just feel bad for him. Just wish he could have been honest with us so we could have helped him out a bit.


Image source: Stilgrave, Clara S.

Some a*****e thought it would be funny to pour vodka in my aquatic turtle tank. Pongu is ok, the dude isn’t.


Image source: Flimflomzimzoom, Marco Verch

Had some relatives over, and despite very, very clear instructions to not flush feminine products down the toilet, they did anyways. Destroyed our septic field, almost $10000 in damages overall. When confronted, they just denied it, despite the fact that the 32 pads that were pulled out of the system matches the brand that they had while they were over.


Image source: Arboretum7, Ashim D’Silva

My in-laws hated me. We invited them over for Thanksgiving dinner and, upon arrival, they asked me to leave and come back a few hours later because they wanted to “follow their tradition of preparing the meal alone as a family.” They are now my ex-in-laws.


Image source: whovianmomof2, Caitlin Childs

My husband let a former coworker crash on the couch because he had been drinking and we didn’t want him to drive. Woke up the next morning and he had stolen our computer, a cell phone, a little bit of cash, and our cigarettes. Turns out he had a drug problem. We got our computer back.

Had a drunk friend puke on my son’s bedroom floor, he thought it was the bathroom. (My son wasn’t home, thank goodness. ) Had a different drunk friend pee all over my bathroom floor – which I discovered by walking into the bathroom the next morning- while wearing socks.

I need to stop letting drunk people stay over…


Image source: SaronGas, Rick Kimpel

Stole my dad’s methadone for chronic pain. My dad was hospitalized until his script was refilled. This was an older “friend” that I thought was cool. Luckily his a*s got arrested. I felt so guilty [bringing] that pos into my home.


Image source: Not_A_Cop999, Patrick Finnegan

Uncle tried to fix our computer. (It wasn’t broken.) He then broke it. Did the same to our perfectly working dishwasher. Then he denied everything


Image source: Mister-Venn, Veronica Belmont

One time a younger guest went on my parents iPad and bought around $70-$80 worth of in-app transactions. They were young but the response after getting caught was along the lines of “The guest should be given nice things.” They were young so maybe they didn’t know better.

Edit: Many people have asked some questions about *the guest*. They were 5-6 years old at the time. I don’t remember if the family paid the money back, however, I’m pretty sure the kid got punished severely. We gave the kid the iPad and left him alone and in hindsight yes, that was pretty stupid.


Image source: EXOQ, rocinante_11

Happened to me in the 3rd grade, my mom’s friend’s son stole my holographic hockey cards. I didn’t even notice until the next day when I saw him on the bus showing the cards he stole from me to his friends.

Edit: since everyone is asking, I did get my cards back along with a pretty nice bouncy ball. I’ll post pictures of the cards after work!

These are the cards he stole from me which I got back! :) https://gfycat.com/SelfassuredFittingHerring

I also remembered another story that happened a year ago at my parent’s house warming party. One of the guests asked if the flooring was real hardwood or laminate then proceeded to test it out by taking out their key and scratching the floor. It was hardwood and it left a scratch, who the f**k does such a thing?


Image source: johokie, chilinik

A friend of my dad lost his house, and we had a former B&B so we invited them to stay with us. We housed and fed them for weeks while they found another place. For that, we got roaches, criticisms of our food (my dad was the executive chef at a freaking country club and was a damned fine cook), but that wasn’t the worst for me, then in my late teens.

The day they left, I went to play my favorite game on PlayStation: Sled Storm. Couldn’t find it. Overturned freaking everything, but I couldn’t find it. In searching, I noticed something even worse. My SNES, all games, and half my N64 games were missing in addition to Sled Storm. They had stayed with us as a favor and stolen half my s**t that I had paid for with birthday money saved up over years. F**k those people


Image source: Gimmemyspoon

A Christian missionary and his wife were invited to our home as a guest of my partner; he’d known them in grade school. The husband kicked my dog when he was scared by the fireworks so barked during the story he was telling about being in Africa helping kids.

What a juxtaposition of morals!

We immediately told them to leave. They acted very confused about it.


Image source: InSixFour, saaby

Stole my forks. Such an odd thing to take from someone but they stole them. They weren’t even fancy ones. Literally cheap forks you buy at Walmart. Like the ones that are like 4 for a couple [of] bucks.


Image source: CodexQ420

They broke our one TV and didn’t pay for a replacement. My family has always been dirt poor and my mom busted her a*s to buy that shitty tube TV, too.


Image source: tinymoonprincess, kafka4prez

One of my friends in kindergarten wanted a beanie baby I had and when I told her she couldn’t have it, she took it away from me and tried to flush it down the toilet. Then, when the toilet started overflowing and my mom came in, she started crying and said I did it.

We did not stay friends


Image source: hii_petra, Daniel Hackney

Puked in our washing machine and didn’t tell anyone. Found it a couple of days later when we went to do laundry…


Image source: Windoula, rob_rob2001

We had a bunch of pizza in the fridge we’d ordered the night before they arrived. There were three other families already there, so we had ordered a lot and there were many much leftovers, and everyone who was there at the time had pitched in to pay. The one family who hadn’t been there for pizza arrived the morning after and were talking about going out to eat. The families were all okay with this, thinking it’d be great to have lunch in individual families and get back together for dinner. Everyone was loading up, including the most recent arrival family, but when we drove off, they unloaded, went back inside, and ate all the pizza.

We would’ve told them it was fine if they had said, yo, could we eat that pizza for lunch, but pretending they were going someplace and then sneaking back inside and eating it was so shady.

Edit: FAQ
1. They aren’t poor, just really cheap.
2. This was my uncle and his family.
3. This was at my grandma’s house. She had just passed and everyone was getting together for the funeral. My mom was basically in charge, and, since I’m the oldest grandchild at 24, I was heavily involved as well.
4. We locked the door, but every family had a key.
5. We did not confront them. It isn’t worth it to get into it with them when we barely see them anyway. I think my mom would prefer to build a stronger bond with him and his family since he is her little brother.

P.S. They’re staying at our house right now. Lol

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