20 Short Yet Life-Saving Pieces Of Advice Everyone Should Know

Published 3 years ago

Here’s a quick tip: be open to advice because you never know when it might come in handy. And with that being said, today we’d like to introduce you to some easily digestible pieces of advice that might one day end up saving your life.

The tips we’re sharing, collected by the always curious minds of Reddit, will help you get out of all sorts of sticky situations, ranging from bar fights to oil fires, and it doesn’t hurt to know them, even if you might never end up using them. Check out some useful pieces of life-saving advice in the gallery below!

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Image source: Rusalka1960

If a service dog comes up to you without its human, FOLLOW IT.


Image source: kookiekutterklub

If someone breaks into your home and you use a bat to protect yourself, put a sock overtop of it so if they grab the bat, you can take it back because the sock will slide off.


Image source: Back2Bach

Crawl out of a burning building, breathing as close as possible to the floor as you move.

Toxic smoke rises while air remains more breathable nearest the floor.


Image source: ironwolf6464

Never hesitate to call police to report a missing person the “24 hour rule” is a myth.


Image source: 1——6EQUJ5-11–1-

When in an emergency situation, tell someone to call 911 by pointing at them and saying “Hey you, in the [descriptive] shirt…call 911].

Shock is a real thing and some people need to be delegated roles explicitly.

“You there, control the traffic around the scene.” “Run to the nearest library or mall and get a defibrillator, you will see a sign of a heart with a lightening bolt through it.”

Delegate and be descriptive. Get them working for you.


Image source: nameABOVEall

Fighting mental health sometimes requires medicine and counseling. Don’t be too proud or scared to seek help.


Image source: doughnutholio

If you are deep frying something and the entire freakin pot is on fire, DO NOT PUT IT OUT WITH WATER!!!.

1) Turn off the gas/electric range. Don’t pour water on it.

2) Cover the pot with a lid. Don’t pour water on it.

3) If you don’t have a lid, dump baking soda on it. Don’t pour water on it.

If you pour water on it your house might burn down and your face might melt.


Image source: just-s0me-teenager

If the accelerator in your car gets stuck and you cannot stop, shift your car into neutral.


Image source: ohheyitsshanaj

If you ever get held at gunpoint and asked to get in a vehicle, you fight with everything you’ve got to not do that. Run zig zag, punch and kick, do whatever even if you die in the process. Because 99% of the time, people who get in the car do not come back. Especially if being moved from a public place to a private place.


Image source: Odvalle

If you’re at a bar or club and some as*hole antagonizes you don’t let your ego get involved. Seen so many people get hurt when they could just walk away. Funny thing is most people think fighting back will defend their pride but to me and a lot of other people you just look insecure. Be the cool guy who just laughs it off. Yours sincerely. Former bartender.


Image source: jusjerm

If you are being chased by a swarm of bees, do not jump into a lake or other body of water to escape. This isn’t a cartoon. The bees will simply wait above the water to sting you, and now you have created a situation where you move slower, can’t breathe as well, and suffer worse if the toxins affect you. You may even swallow a bunch of bees gasping for air. Also, water has unseen predators that you’ve now introduced to the equation. If pursued by bees, just keep running and running. They will defend their hive to a large proximity, perhaps even a mile. Just run until they feel they’ve won.


Image source: FatFreddysCat

When you’re waiting to make a left turn, keep the wheels facing forward until you’re ready to go. If you get rear-ended, it can make the difference between just a fender-bender or getting launched into oncoming traffic and getting t-boned. They used to teach this in driver’s ed, but I don’t think my kids ever heard this from their instructors.


Image source: Theijuiel

Trust your gut, if something doesn’t feel right then move to the other side of the street or change direction or don’t go down that dark alley that moans.


Image source: ZedlsBae

When someone shouts ‘duck’ , don’t question it and freakin duck.


Image source: mylifeisathrowaway10

If you are taken to the hospital and the doctors ask you if you have taken any drugs don’t just think about the illegal stuff also tell them if you’ve had small things like Advil or Tylenol it could save your life.


Image source: Deodorized

If you’re outside in a lightning storm and your hair starts floating, seek immediate shelter. You’re about to be struck by lightning.


Image source: T1N0M0

If a canker sore in your mouth or on your tongue isn’t healing in about 2 weeks, it might not be a canker sore.

I’m going in to surgery today, and they will likely remove 100% of my oral cancer, because of early detection.


Image source: blogerenazbo

Your best bet in knocking a person out is to strike the side of their neck, normally with a karate chop.

A striking blow on the side of the neck requires the least amount of force than any other body part to create a blackout, and the person will pass out for 10 to 30 seconds, before regaining conciseness.


Image source: s0ftsp0ken

A lot of choking deaths are actually due to embarrassment. If you’re choking, fight the urge to save face. Don’t go to the bathroom to fix it yourself, don’t sit silently and try to spit up the food yourself. Ask for help asap


Image source: eternal8phoenix

If someone gets stabbed, do NOT take the knife out if possible. If it stays in it acts as a plug to the hole and will reduce bloodloss. Apply pressure around the wound as best you can and call an ambulance.

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