40 People Who Were So Lazy That They Had To Be Called Out Online

Published 7 months ago

Some say that a lazy person is also an efficient person. Indeed, being lazy is not out of the ordinary as we all tend to have our moments or even days where we just don’t feel like doing anything. 

However, some people can take it just a tad bit too far as you can see evidenced from the pics below. Either often ending up being a pain to society, or a danger to society, the gallery depicts lazy people’s actions that come off as rather inexcusable, don’t you agree?

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#1 Attention Parents! Thrift Stores Are Not Your Daycare. Clean Up After Your Kids

Image source: recovery_room

VioletHunterOr, maybe, teach your kids to put stuff back!

#2 Amazon Said It Was Delivered 2 Weeks Ago, But I Couldn’t Find It. Snow Finally Melted A Bit, And I Found It 1/2 Mile Away From The House

Image source: raleighs

Moxitron Jazzthats very Fargo-esque…

#3 People That Do This Are Jerks

Image source: 420fmx

AlexiaYes, they are. I also found a salami left on a shelf, and somebody had taken a bite of it.

#4 I Went On A Cruise In Spain. It Was Beautiful, And I Had A Great Time. But, Everywhere We Went, There Was Just Garbage In The Ocean, And I Actively Saw People Throwing More In

Image source: GlitchingNo

AlexiaThe water has such a beautiful color. And all that garbage is just… infuriating

#5 Lazy People Ruin Frozen Items Putting It On Random Shelves

Image source: Angus87Angus88

Miss MaliI mean u can just hand it to a cashier or random employee they would rather u do that than leave this.

#6 My $2200 Laptop, Which I Was Supposed To Sign For, Was Left Practically On The Sidewalk. Couldn’t Even Bother To Put It Near The Porch

Image source: temerariously

featherytoadProbably FedEx ground.

#7 My Partner Borrowed My Car For A Few Days And Returned It Like This

Image source: kt-gd

Bernd HerbertThe amount of plastic some people use is astonishing

#8 Please Put It Back Where You Found It

Image source: Scaulbylausis

Quinn“Why is the Glade spray *more* expensive when it’s on clearance? F**ck you, Walmart! I’m abandoning my ice cream here in protest… “

#9 I Went To Snap The Beach At Margate And Wish I Hadn’t. Is It Because The Council Are Not Putting Bins On The Beach, Or Is Lazy Visitors At Fault? Either Way It’s An Utter Disgrace

Image source: frank_leppard

Stevie SIf there is no bin on the beach then it goes without saying, you take your trash with you and dispose of it responsibly.

#10 Meanwhile Here In Victoria

Image source: glim1000

DrBronxxThat isn’t just lazy; It’s ridiculously dangerous.

#11 This Is How The Passengers Who Have Just Arrived From Canada Left The Plane. I Can’t Find Words. This Is One Of The Reasons For The Delay. It Takes A Long Time To Clean This Pigsty

Image source: infotraficalg

Bernd HerbertThere should be a warning and a threat to be put on the no-fly list

#12 How People Left Their Table At Wendy’s Near Me

Image source: bonefidescrewup

Alison MarchandPsssshhh. Some of these posts, it takes a lot of effort to be that lazy!!

#13 Uber Eats Left The Order At The End Of The Driveway In The Freezing Rain/Snow Balanced On The Mailbox

Image source: ApricotTaco

Sum Guy: How long is the driveway, could he walk/drive in or the driveway was not cleared? This might have been the note in the app but this person has a problem now that its snowing

#14 Someone Locked His Bike On My Bike Without Even Trying To Lock It To The Stand

Image source: SummumRex2

SheamusFanFrom1987I’d take a picture first as proof then claim both bikes. Technically not your fault because you had to remove your bike while another was stuck to it.

#15 My Neighbor Drove Into Part Of My Back Fence 2 Months Ago And Hasn’t Cleaned It Up

Image source: Feeling-Disaster7180

That’s his garage on the left being partially blocked. Maybe he thinks it’s a crime scene and he won’t get the insurance claim if he cleans it up. I don’t know.

#16 My Roommate Has Hit New Peak Of Laziness

Image source: ComaAmes

Stardust she/herImpressive

#17 Elizabeth Is A Lazy Jerk

Image source: Timecook

AlexiaYes, she is.

#18 My Girlfriend Throws Her Daily Contact Lenses Behind The Headboard Of Our Bed

Image source: FireRotor

giku T (edited): and you are still together why?

#19 This Represents A Single Week Of Mugs And Glasses That My Wife Leaves In Our Bathroom. I Clean All Of These Every Week, And They Are Back The Next One. Anyone Else Feel My Pain?

Image source: newmyy

DrBronxxIn the kitchen, I understand, but the BATHROOM?

#20 How My Sister Leaves The Bathroom

Image source: TouchingPriests

AlexiaOh, that’s how my former colleague used to leave our common desk. Sheets of paper, pens, clips, agendas, plus personal items such as lipstick, comb, mirror, half-eaten croissant etc. Until one day when I decided I had enough of it. I took a big plastic bag and put all of her scattered items inside. She was outraged and escalated it to our manager, who was on my side (moreover, he said I could throw all that “garbage” away from then on). You wouldn’t believe how tidy she became after that :)))

#21 I Just Caught A Lazy Neighbor “Walking Their Dog” By Car

Image source: drspkes

AncsuriIn our country its intentional torture of animals by law, and its punished very strictly

#22 My Wife Spits Her Seed Shells Into The Door Handle Of Our Car And Leaves It There

Image source: slangin_meds

LakotaWolf (she/her): That’s foul. TWO different organic substances (husks and saliva) that will ROT. Organic stuff decays, people. It doesn’t just go into magical stasis. Eurgh.

#23 My Mom Loved Walking Our Dog, And Now She Has To Get In The Street To Do That Because We Have Rude Neighbors

Image source: Solid-Airport-5466

Alison Marchand: Hmmm…would the municipality be expected to be responsible for this given the size & proximity to power lines & the roadway?

#24 My Brother “Salted” The Driveway

Image source: KingDooma

AlexiaMaybe some spice is needed too :)))

#25 Plastic Confetti Left Behind By A Gender Reveal Party In A Public Park

Image source: f1rstman

AlexiaThat’s why confetti should be made of tree leaves.

#26 People Sweat, And That’s Fine, But Who Leaves Their Puddles Behind Like This Without Wiping Down?

Image source: PhazonPhoenix5

AlexiaThat’s lack of common sense, not just laziness.

#27 I Went On A Date With A Guy, And He Picked Me Up This Time. I Think This Is A Peek Into What His Apartment Might Look Like

Image source: Wedgypicker420


#28 My Sister’s Boyfriend Lost His Wallet Before Leaving To Go To His Moms. He Left The Living Room Like This After He Found His Wallet

Image source: EducationalQuiet1052

General AnaesthesiaAre you sure this wasn’t a Drug Enforcement Agency raid?

#29 Public Park Near Toronto, Canada. Why Are People Such A Pigs?

Image source: Jo_Hendy

Alison MarchandUgh! Looks like a beautiful park, too, such vibrantly green grass 💚

#30 Pizza Delivery Guy Dropped The Pizzas At The End Of My Sidewalk. He Then Came Up, Rang The Doorbell, Walked Past Them Again And Was Back In His Car Driving Off Before I Answered The Door

Image source: DarkHeraldMage

Stevie S: Thats not lazy, thats malicious.

#31 I Went To A Classmate’s Apartment To Work On A Project. This Mountain Of Hair Will Haunt Me Forever

Image source: reddit.com

Barbra E. NybergThanks for the korean horror movie flasback.

#32 Are People That Lazy? Cart Return Is 4 Parking Spaces Away

Image source: Splintercell581

Alexia (edited): This is also dangerous. I miraculously avoided an accident in the parking, when such a cart glided in front of my car

#33 The Way A Mom And Her Two Kids Left The Shoe Isle In Target

Image source: AydenTheFox_15

BolsThe worst part is that they show kids such behaviour is ok :(

#34 There Was A Trash Can Literally Four Feet Away

Image source: NorseCelt137

theflyingciceroToo far… Can’t reach trash can…

#35 Some Jerk In My Office: “Damn, That Was Close. If I Took That Last Ice Cube, I Might Have To Refill The Tray”

Image source: Canisteo99

lily jonesGo on just take the last f*****g icecube you can’t inconvenience me any more than you already have

#36 The Hairbrush My Daughter Leaves Hanging In The Shower

Image source: maddogcas2383

Lyop: To the trash it goes.

#37 Apparently The Businesses In My Shopping Center Decided That The Recycling Chute (Two Units Down) Is Too Far Away. That Door Is My Store

Image source: reddit.com

KarlFire hazard

#38 My Roommate Made Eggs In All These Pans. Instead Of Just Washing One Pan Everytime He Makes Eggs. Someone Save Me From This Nightmare

Image source: Juancho511

Sand ErsMany years ago I had a friend who lived in a house with half a dozen other college students. House rule was that if you left dishes in the sink, they would be put into your bed. Few residents had to learn that lesson more than once.

#39 I Asked My Mom To Put The Remainining Salt In A Smaller Container, But She Dumped It All In The Sink. That’s Almost 200g Of Salt That Could’ve Easily Lasted Me Another 2 Months

Image source: Staalone

Alison MarchandSeems more passive-aggressive and disrespectful than lazy 🤨

#40 The Way My Family Leaves The Toothpaste. It’s Rock Solid

Image source: PIE_OF_LIFE64

AlexiaThat’s an abstract sculpture


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