30 Times People Were So Lazy, They Had To Be Shamed Online

Published 2 years ago

Laziness has been a guilty pleasure for most of us but how far have you taken your sloth spirit yet? Whatever the reasons be, some people just take laziness to new levels of crazy.

The online world doesn’t spare anyone, and thus lazy people are no exception. There are multiple social media platforms where people have shamed lazy folks who they spotted in public. Check out some of the pics in the gallery below.

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#1 This Is Embarrassing

Image source: expat100

#2 My Roommate Throws Away Dishes So He Won’t Have To Do Them

Image source: bjarbeau

#3 Don’t Even Get Me Started On The People That Test Spray Paint Like This

Image source: JustAnotherHuman007

#4 We Call This One, “The Landlord Supremo”

Image source: marblesbykeys

#5 Multiple Reasons Why You Should Put Your Cart Back And Not Be Lazy

Image source: Sarah Coffey Pruett

#6 People Who Do This Are Just The Worst

Image source: All_dex_no_flex

#7 If You Have A Gender Reveal Party And Leave Confetti Everywhere For People To Pick Up, F**k You

Image source: SnooSquirrels7857

#8 First Day At The Beach And My Wife Made Sure I Was Protected From Sunburn By Spraying My Back With Sunscreen. I Can’t See Back There – Did She Do A Good Job?

Image source: Kratsas

#9 People Who Are Too Lazy To Remove Their Strings After Fishing Or Crabbing. So Many Animals Get Trapped In This And Die

Image source: i_love-lamp

#10 Did She Purchase Or Put Back Any Of The Books? Of Course Not

Image source: Swaggie-J

#11 I Pulled The Foil Off Of This To See What Was In It, And It Was Empty. And Still In The Fridge

Image source: SneezyHydra

#12 Ain’t My Job To Cut The Trees. I Paint The Lines

Image source: Riresurmort

#13 My Sister Was Just Served This At A Local Mexican Restaurant

Image source: Kahne_Fan

#14 The Dumpster On The Left Is Empty But People Are Too Lazy To Open The Lid So They Just Keep Piling Trash Up Into The Right Dumpster

Image source: FeelinSheepish

#15 People At The Dog Park I Go To Are Too Lazy To Put Their Poop Bags In The Trash Can So They Hang Them On The Fence

Image source: TurkayLurkay

#16 Lazy Karen

Image source: SergeantJinto

#17 Am I Crazy Or Is This Acceptable?

We share a laundry room with the people upstairs (the laundry room is right outside our door). This pile of dirty clothes has been sitting there for 5 days, this is nothing new. My bf is making me feel like the crazy one for having a problem with it. Advice please?

Image source: Puzzleheaded_Heron44

#18 When You’re So Lazy And Can’t Walk 20ft To Watch Your Kid

Image source: tinderbindervinder

#19 Lazy People Parked Right At The Entrance To Load Their Vehicle Up And Blocked The Traffic

Image source: claytonblick

#20 Kinda Funny Tho

Image source: Midget_LlamaYT

#21 Left His Driveway But Didn’t Clear The Rear Window Of Snow. Lazy. Dangerous

Image source: KllaPam

#22 I Will Pass On The Lunch Meat. Thanks Anyway. Too Lazy To Get A Ladder

Image source: alien_eye

#23 This Guy Wasn’t About To Let 13 Inches Of Snow Or Laziness Stop Him From Getting To Work On Time

Image source: occolla

#24 Taking Laziness To A Whole New Level

Image source: WellOKDenz

#25 Love Having Roommates

Image source: flergityberg

#26 I Work At An Ice Skating Rink, And Instead Of Properly Turning In Skates, People Just Throw Them Over The Counter

Image source: Nervous-Clock8361

#27 Key Screwed And Painted To The Door Frame Inside My Wife’s Apartment. Such Laziness

Image source: bhones

#28 Driving Over Graves Because They’re Too Lazy To Walk

Image source: hwiley

#29 This Idiot Hit Me While He Was Pulling Out Of A Gas Station, He Said He Didn’t See Me

Image source: NotSoAverageStoner

#30 How My Ex Roommate Left Her Bathroom After Moving Out

Image source: vancityjoss

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