20 People Shared The Nasty Last Words They Heard From Their Exes

Published 2 years ago

When a relationship ends, we want to ideally move on as amicably and as respectfully as possible because while it hurts, it happens. However, when you have to deal with a narcissistic or toxic person during the break up their true nature reveals itself and it can be ugly.

It’s also far too common a situation as evidenced by the stories narrated below.  You’ll find the worst of the worst of exes whose last words were maliciously and unnecessarily nasty during the break up. That’s not a reflection on you, but on themselves and their inability to deal with their emotions so they just project outward on to the closest target. Just pat yourself on the back and say, Good Riddance! After all, you’re way too fine to be stressed by some passing fancy fool.

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My ex told me that I would never ever get someone of his caliber ever, and that I would wind up with some grease-monkey. Well I did marry a man who worked on cars for a living, and he made 3 times what my ex made, and now my college graduate ex is in his 60s and hasn’t worked in his field in decades and now works at a sporting goods store barely above minimum wage.


“You’re not pretty enough to dump someone like me. In fact, *I* say it’s over between us!”


He took all of my biggest insecurities and made fun of them. He told me I should be insecure about them and listed out examples of how true they were.


My EX taunted me saying, “you have something like a p*nis… only smaller!” I said, “Oh, you look like my new girlfriend… only fatter and less flexible.” She didn’t take it all that well!


It’s maybe not “nasty” but I still can’t wrap my head around it. He said, “It would work if you’d change your attitude”. Sure… I really just should be okay with being talked down to the whole time, with being ignored, with being gaslighted… sure thing.


“You’re nothing but a lazy user who nobody wants and nobody loves!!! I also reported your dog stolen and sent both your pictures to every vet in the state so you’ll be arrested when you bring him in for his shots!!!”

Not finished with all the legal nonsense, but a no-contact order works wonders.


My ex broke up with me and then sent me this whole text essay about how they never loved me and that I was just a game to them.


He asked everyone he knew to call me and say what a loser I am, etc., but I got no calls. Turns out they all sided with me and now a have another huge group of friends.

Task failed successfully.


I told my ex to choose between his addiction or the kids and myself. He said straight out said his addiction. Good riddance.


That he’d slept with his ex the night before and it had shown him how much he “really cared” for me. You know, because there’s no better way to say “I love you” than forking someone else.


She said, “I only slept with him (my best friend at that time) once!”


Coming out of a two year baby-trap relationship between her and my bank account where my son and I were just background characters. Two years of emotional abuse, controlling and coercive behaviour ruined relationships with friends and family, lost my job, and a *lot* of physical abuse – which was always backed up with “there’s nothing you can do to stop me, I can do whatever I want to you”. That was true, she was absolutely right. I’m fourteen inches taller than her and close to three times her bodyweight so no one would have ever taken me seriously if I’d spoken out, likely they’d think I was trying to cover my tracks or something (this is going back several decades). Thing is though, it doesn’t matter how big you are when someone takes a dinner plate and swings it full force like a hammer so the edge of it hits your top two front teeth – when you’re asleep. Or they stick a needle under your fingernail, clamp your toes in the £200 hair straightener you just bought them. Nor does it help when you’ve let your guard down – like when you’re being intimate, it’s going very well, then out of the blue with no warning the person on top of you starts using your jaw as a punchbag while laughing at you (you can’t see them because of my beard, but I’ve got little flower shaped scars along my jawline on both sides from where her rings cut in to my cheeks).

Anyhow, the thing that sticks most in my mind from that time is from when I just packed a big bag for my son (I don’t have even one single possession, item, no family photo’s, anything at all from my life before the age of 26, just my medals which happened to be at my Dad’s house) and walked out to save us both. Her parting shot was “Fine, take the little ba***rd, it’s a f****ing c**t anyway. I never wanted it, should have drowned it in the f’king bath cos it’s useless just like you. I’m gonna tell social services you beat me and did things to the kid so they’ll take him off you anyway, then when you’re in jail I’ll just leave the little c**t on a bus for someone to take”.

Now, I’m no angel, I’m not even a particularly good person. Especially when I was younger my go-to response for anything I felt slighted by was to express my displeasure by using my paws rather than my words (there’s reasons behind it but this post is far too long already) – but saying that, I have never *ever* put my hands on a woman in that way, and to the day I draw my last breath I never ever will. Through all the abuse, trauma, misery it never even once crossed my mind, but just in that one instant – let’s say it was a very, *very* close call. I’m not proud of that in any way shape or form, but right in that instant turning around and walking away, choosing to de-escalate rather than retaliate, “allowing” that person who’s just upset me to walk away without “punishing them” for it, that’s the single most self restraint I’ve had to show with anything ever.


He put me in the hospital. Seriously beat me because I had no right, apparently, to make a decision about ‘his life’ without him. This was after a fight where he’d got angry about me using contraception because *he* wanted children.
(25 years ago. I don’t know if he’s even still alive and I’m ok with that.)



One cheated on me & told me I was an alcoholic (after he got a DUI). Another said that I was mentally ill because I was leaving him after he’d cheated on me (then he got into the boxes I’d packed & stole several of my things). Another told me that he hated that I’d cut my hair, that I should skip lunches (apparently I was getting too fat for him), and that it wasn’t hard work but simply dumb luck that I’d been able to land a great career (but he had no problem spending the money I made on old cars & other useless c**p, including using MY severance check to buy an old Ford pickup). When I told him I wanted a divorce, he was shocked. Really? He guilt-tripped me into leaving a couch that was purchased with MY bonus check & ended up giving it away after I left.

I have my grandmother’s luck when it comes to lousy men!


Not mine but was given permission to share it.

My sister dated this guy for like 2 years. Super manipulative and toxic a**hole. He flipped his lid when she finally had enough and broke it off.

Told her she was “f*cking worthless anyways” and “___ was a better f*ck anyhow” then he told her he had been planning to “drop [her] a** anyhow because [she was] starting to really pack on the pounds and it was getting gross.”

She had an eating disorder for years. And she was really only starting to get back to a healthy weight, so calling her fat was possibly the cruelest thing he could’ve done.

Luckily, shed been going to therapy by that point and was really happy with the added weight so the words didn’t do what he wanted.


One thing I don’t understand is, HE wanted out, HE was sleeping with my best friend (and got her pregnant while we were in marriage counseling) so when I said okay, lets end it, he was enraged. He told me the world would be a better place if my mother had scraped me out with a rusty coat hanger than if I had been born. He also said, “You’ll never find someone to treat you the way I did.” THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT.


My ex (mother to my son) said I’m a sad a loser and no one else would want me. She abused me for the two years we were together. I’ve been in a happy relationship for 7 years now and have the best relationship with my son from my ex. I also have a son with my current partner. :)


When I realized he was a narcissist, I decided to end things. My son had passed away the year before from cardiac arrest brought on by energy drinks. When he started gaslighting me (again) and I said I was done, he got nasty and physical.

He told me that if I’d been a better mother, my son would still be alive. I lost it and tried to leave. He dove into the car as I was leaving, causing me to accidentally run over his leg. I called 911, then he pulled a gun on me while I was on the phone.

The dispatcher overheard the whole conversation and sent the police. He tried to say I mowed him down but he was partially in the passenger, hanging out the door so they didn’t believe him. They arrested him based on what the dispatcher had relayed. A week later he was arrested AGAIN for breaking his son’s jaw. No revenge needed.


That without him I’m nothing.

It was just his toxic, narcissistic manipulation to belittle me, as he was doing similar things for 7 years (the time we were together). And this was hilarious, because I was taking care of everything about our relationship – it was me who found and furnished our apartment, I was cooking, cleaning, and paying for most of the stuff as I have a better paid job. I dumped him because he was a narcissist and cared only about himself.


“What kind of a mother would a girl like YOU be?”

I had become close friends with an Irish co-worker. He was a fairly naïve country boy who loved my tattoos and ever-changing hair color, and was always fascinated with my unusual upbringing and adventures. Until we drunkenly hooked up after our company’s Xmas party, and I became pregnant.

I was almost 30 and wanted to have it and remain friends. He threatened to go back to Ireland to avoid child support if I did not do what HE and his family back home wanted- which was to have the baby and give it up for adoption. At the same time, he wanted to name it after an ex-girlfriend of his. (WT actual F?) I’m on my own in every sense with no family or support system, and I didn’t want my child to grow up in the same miserable poverty that I did. So I had an abortion. As it turned out, I was never able to get pregnant again. So my “family” dies with me.

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