30 Examples Of People Getting What They Deserved, As Shared By This Online Community

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes life seems unfair, but even though you might not see it, karma always sets things straight. However, there is a certain satisfaction one feels when they see justice being rightfully served in front of their eyes.

Justice Served is a subreddit where people are sharing stories of people getting what they deserved, and it’s actually pretty satisfying to see. From a woman stealing her own bike from a thief to a cop accidentally shooting himself instead of a dog – check some examples of that sweet “instant Karma” in the gallery below!

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#1 Everyone Liked That

Image source: JangoSkett

#2 Good Ol’ Grandma Serves Some Bad Guys Fresh Justice

Image source: NewCarthagea

#3 Very Cool Judge

Image source: ishyfishy321

#4 Not Much To Say

Image source: germanrussianboi

#5 Greedy Man Has His Hoard Of Hand Sanitizer Confiscated And Donated

Image source: DinerEnBlanc

#6 Employees In A Supermarket React To A Customer That Left The Car In The Middle Of The Parking Lot, Blocking The Way

Image source: velocifasor

#7 This Is Griffen, He Is A Very Good Boy. Two Weeks Ago He Tracked And Caught The Scum Bag That Attacked And Attempted To Abduct A Young Woman. Despite Getting A Kick To The Head, P.d. Griffen Did His Job

Image source: philed1

#8 Not Sure If This Is A Repost Or Not

Image source: Weeb_Memestar

#9 It Took A Long Time, Sure, But She Got The Justice She Deserved

Image source: NewCarthagea

#10 Southlake Pd For The Win

Image source: Sonny516

#11 Thoughts And Prayers

Image source: grove4lyf

#12 Justice Served!

Image source: agility_physics

#13 Great Lawyer!

Image source: zBlackouttz

#14 Don’t Honk In The Drive Thru

Image source: SomewhatFrat

#15 Catching Up On My Crime-A-Day Calendar And Came Across This Absolute Gem

Image source: SereneAdler33

#16 Meet Issac Wright Jr – American Hero

Image source: 13artC

#17 Nature Is F**king Metal

Image source: caio_joojingo

#18 An Illegal Dumper Receives A Home Delivery

Image source: helladiabolical

#19 People Wouldn’t Stop Mudding In This Farmers Field. So The Farmer Put Up A Dirt Barrier At The Fields Entrance. Today It Caught Someone!

Image source: ysl448g

#20 What Goes Around Comes Around

Image source: studentactivism

#21 Wife Dumps Abusive Husband’s Ashes In The Trash

Image source: cbuswerc

#22 Cop Going To Jail

Image source: ImpressiveFace4437

#23 Busted Not Paying For Your Taxi!

Image source: Unitron07

#24 Racist Gets Fired By His Own Dad

Image source: pukechuke

#25 California Woman Who Coughed On An Uber Driver Says She’ll Only Use Lyft, Lyft Says No

Image source: Hipple

#26 Anti-Vaxxer Gets It Handed To Them

Image source: Photo-Synth

#27 It’s Shops Like These Which Rob Us

Image source: zaynthelegend

#28 All Governments Need To Do This

Image source: TheDarkIsMyLight

#29 The Two Cops Who Shoved A 75 Year Old Man To The Ground Have Been Arrested And Charged With Felony Second Degree Assault

Image source: FreedomIsUniversal

#30 Road Sweeper Dealt Out His Own Version Of Street Justice To Punish An Illegally Parked Car

Image source: unknown

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