Apple Just Announced A $999 Monitor Stand And People Instantly Started Responding With Memes

Published 5 years ago

During its latest keynote back on June 3rd, Apple announced some pretty exciting stuff, like iOS 13, the new Mac Pro, a new 6K display… and a $999 monitor stand called the Pro Stand. This overpriced stand instantly caused an uproar amongst the fans. Many of them criticized Apple for not only not including a stand with their new $5000 display but also for asking another thousand for it. The new Mac Pro also received some criticism – mainly for its uncanny resemblance to a cheese grater.

Check out the best reactions to Apple’s new overpriced stand in the gallery below!

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Apple recently announced a $999 monitor stand called the Pro Stand that didn’t sit well with the fans

“The original $1000 monitor stand,” jokingly writes Reddit user internetuser101

Even some companies started throwing shade at Apple

People continued responding with hilarious memes

Significantly cheaper and much more useful

Well, the right choice is pretty obvious

Maybe it’s just an elaborate April fools joke?

You could always use a stack of your old Macbooks and iPhones to support it

You know what they say – there’s nothing a little duct tape can’t fix

Only if the subs come with fries

Why buy an overpriced phone when you can buy an overpriced stand? Maybe it would really tie the room together

Here’s what people had to say about Apple’s new product

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