Samsung’s ‘Safety Truck’ Films The Road Ahead And Shows It On Screen To Help Cars Pass It

Published 9 years ago

Overtaking trucks in one lane road is the worst. That’s what Samsung is trying to fix with their Safety Trucks. It is a relatively simple idea. A wireless camera is mounted on the front bumper of the truck. It transmits images of oncoming traffic to a multi-screen display mounted on the back door of the trailer. That way, the drivers behind the truck can know if it’s safe to pass the truck or not. There’s even a night vision mode!

Samsung trialed the truck in Argentina. It’s a country of many one-lane roads, and crashes while overtaking trucks adds significantly to the deaths in traffic accidents. While the trial truck has been retired, Samsung is now working with road safety organizations to further improve the program.

More info: (h/t: petapixel)

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The video of the Safety Truck:

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