To Save Water, This Spiky Shower Curtain Kicks You Out After 4 Minutes

Published 9 years ago

How much time do you spend in the shower? This spiky curtain would ensure that you cut it down to four minutes. Made by Elisabeth Buecher and titled “My Shower is a Green Warrior”, the curtain turns into spikes after four minutes showering, driving your dripping body into the cold.

Elisabeth Buecher considers herself a “textile-based installation artist and educator.” She comes from France and lives in London. The curtain was exhibited at the 2009 Milan Furniture Fair.

“These curtains are not really for marketing but aim at provoking a debate around water issues,” Buecher said in an interview. “If you don’t want to get trapped you have to get out before it does and stop damaging the environment.”

More info: (h/t: boredpanda)

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Shower normally for 4 minutes.


But don’t tarry!


Because spikes kick in after four minutes…


…and kick you out!


Shower faster, save nature!


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