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This Photographer Made A Tiny Bed For A Squirrel That Has Been Frequenting Her Garden (11 Pics)

Published 7 months ago

While stuck at home during the lockdown, Bournemout-based wildlife photographer Sharon Cutler only had her own back garden to do any photography. That’s when she decided to take some photos of the wild squirrels that were always in her garden. Sharon also remembered that she had a tiny handcrafted bed that she once used to take photos of her daughter’s guinea pig. The photographer then modified the bed, placed it in her garden and took photos of the squirrels that came to enjoy it.

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Wildlife photographer Sharon Cutler placed a tiny bed in her garden for the squirrels that frequent it

Image credits: Sharon Cutler

Sharon then uploaded the photos to Facebook and people absolutely fell in love with Cyril the Squirrel who came to enjoy the bed after a busy day in the garden.

Sharon originally made the bed to be used in a photoshoot of her daughter’s guinea pig

Image credits: Sharon Cutler

Cyril the Squirrel seemed to love the cozy little bed

Image credits: Sharon Cutler

And came there to relax after a busy day in the garden, according to Sharon

Image credits: Sharon Cutler

In an interview with Bored Panda, Sharon said she made the bed a couple of years ago as a prop for her daughter’s guinea pigs. “I’ve been off work for over a month because of the coronavirus and as I’ve only had my back garden to do any photography, I decided to see if I could get some images of the wild squirrels that are always in my garden,” said Sharon. “I just hid some peanuts amongst the bedding and the squirrels took to it straight away.”

Sharon admits to hiding a few peanuts in the bed to attract the squirrel’s attention

Image credits: Sharon Cutler

Sharon went on to use even more tiny props

Image credits: Sharon Cutler

The little bathtub was an ornament Sharon used in her own bathroom

Image credits: Sharon Cutler

In another bathroom-themed photoshoot, Sharon used a little bath she had in her own bathroom and handcrafted the tiny towel rail, towel, and bath mat to complete the scene.

The photographer handcrafted the tiny towel rail, towel, and bath mat herself

Image credits: Sharon Cutler

The squirrels seemed to be interested in the bath as well

Image credits: Sharon Cutler

Maybe Sharon hid some peanuts inside it?

Image credits: Sharon Cutler

Sharon says she has lots of ideas for future projects and jokes that the only thing stopping her right now is her hot glue gun being broken. Hopefully a new one arrives soon!

Who knew the tiny creatures could be so photogenic!

Image credits: Sharon Cutler

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