10+ Brilliant Halloween Outfit Ideas For Parents With Newborns

Published 7 years ago

Some people use their newborn babies as an excuse to skip on parties and others use the same excuse to get creative.

Become a tower of the castle for your princess, a bodyguard for your president, or a leprechaun for your pot of gold – everything to show that a your baby is the most precious thing you’ve got.

The photos below will prove to you that having a baby doesn’t necessarily get in the way of celebrating Halloween, so don’t be afraid to have fun and go all out at the upcoming parties!

(h/t boredpanda)

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#1 Mr. President

Image source: amberilyn

#2 My Friend And His Daughter Dressed As A Work Loader From Aliens

Image source: rdt156

#3 “Little” Spider

Image source: reireiinc

#4 Baby Rapunzel Costume

Image source:  Megan

#5 This One Is Actually Scary

#6 We’ve Got This

Image source: kellyejensen

#7 Super Mario Baby Carrier Costume

#8 Baby’s First Halloween

Image source: thisplaceisnowahome

#9 E.T. And Elliot Costume

Image source: costume-works

#10 Totoro

Image source: heytamara


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