Photographer Shoots Girls And Their Adopted Cats

Published 9 years ago

Not all cat ladies are crazy – as BriAnna Wills‘ series Girls And Their Cats show, having around three cats has no deleterious effect on one‘s mental health. The series focuses on portraits of women and their adopted cats in New York. Proud, energetic, and lively, the ladies radiate love for their mouse chasing companions.

BriAnne Wills is a photographer from Brooklyn. She started doing photography in collage and hit professional after her journalism professor noticed her talent. Wills likes fashion and portrait photography. She starter photographing women and cats not that long ago and the project took off.

Considering the internet‘s love of cats, that‘s hardly a surprise.

More info: | instagram | twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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Sam and Charlie in Bushwick. Charlie and his brothers were rescued by @tinydarsky when she noticed someone giving the kittens away in a Dallas grocery store parking lot. Worried for their safety she had them flown out to NYC where she found them loving homes.


Giulianna and Yoncé in Williamsburg. Giuliana found Yoncé when she was a kitten, alone and shivering at a coffee shop in the middle of winter.


Natalie and Tela in Bushwick. Natalie is a clothing designer and cat mom to 5 cats! She found Tela 11 years ago living under her old house in Savannah, and protected her from a cat-hating landlord.


Kelly and Desnudo in Bed-Stuy.


Sugar and Coco in Hell’s Kitchen. Sugar is a pianist and artistic director of ncpmusic and she adopted Coco over 4 years ago from a mobile adoption center in the city.


Elizabeth with Dexter and Binx in Upper East Side.


Kia and Jordi in Bushwick. Someone found Jordi on the streets in Bushwick and now he has a forever home with Kia and her boyfriend.


Heather and 3-legged Finn in Greenpoint.


Ryen and Hazel in Kensington. Ryen adopted Hazel from the New Rochelle Humane Society in New Rochelle, NY. She also does rescue work with Brooklyn Animal Action, doing trap-neuter-return of feral cats and fostering and re-homing of adoptable cats and kittens.


Aja and Pearl in Fort Green.


Bridgett and Petra in Bed-Stuy.


Lily and Pollo in Greenpoint. Lily adopted Pollo after his former owner didn’t want him because his head was too pointy.


Kristina and Mewmerz in Chelsea.


Michelle and Bobo in Greenpoint.


Stacey and Miu Miu in Crown Heights. Miu Miu is from Bagdad.


Stephanie with Simon and Oliver in Williamsburg.


Raquel and Helmut in Manhattan.


Jeanine and Bijoux in Crown Heights.


Heather and Finn (with 3 legs) in Greenpoint.

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