50 Facepalm-Worthy Examples Of Human Stupidity

Published 4 years ago

All of us have brain farts every now and then, like when you accidentally put on a shirt inside out or frantically look for your phone all over the house only to realize you’re holding it in your hand. And it’s completely normal. However, there are times when you do something so dumb, you can’t help but look around and hope that no one saw you. And even though most of the stupid things we do tend to stay behind closed doors, there are times when we aren’t so lucky and people use our brain farts to have good laugh.

People online are sharing photos of all the dumb things they saw others do and they’ll make you facepalm pretty hard. From poor geography skills to hilarious fake ID’s, check out all the times people were busted for acting stupid in the gallery below!

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#1 You’ve Never Seen A Pink Lion?

Image source: BenderDisorder

#2 Why Korean Man Make Korean Movie

Image source: hoyarkive

#3 Socialism

Image source: gbyl

#4 Do They Actually Think Trump Is Using His Own Money

Image source: cheristandsup

#5 And Passports Too

Image source: SuperSlimySalamander

#6 Who’s Gonna Tell Her

Image source: Ninja_Spi-D-er

#7 Umm Ok

Image source: lvnitup22

#8 Do These People Have Brains?

Image source: BlackDeathZombieSwede

#9 That’s Not How That… Never Mind

Image source: Teh_Dibble

#10 Mystery Solved

Image source: MavenofHonor

#11 Bye, America See You – Never

Image source: DOMINOEP

#12 To Ask For A Mysterious Service

Image source: NateM135

#13 Just What

Image source: MysteriousMrPig

#14 What A Time To Be Alive

Image source: meme_zar

#15 Anti-Vaxxer Accidentally Advocates For Vaccines

Image source: fake-troll-acct0991

#16 We Should Stop Teaching Cursive Too So Kids Don’t Learn Swearing

Image source: DidthePhilslose

#17 I Wonder Why

Image source: DanBurnashev

#18 Elementary School Dropouts Ahead

Image source: dafnasr

#19 Get This Idea Patented

Image source: prof_sandwich_maker

#20 I Wish This Was Fake. Meet Jenn

Image source: Patopodo

#21 Fake ID Fail

Image source: Mrkjm1550

#22 Can’t Even Be Mad, That Edit Was Perfect

Image source: IHaveAllTheKarma

#23 I Am Speechless

Image source: MisoSoup9000

#24 He’s Figuring It Out, Slowly

Image source: humblemangoes

#25 Hold Up

Image source: Sejiro_Hiko

#26 Actually, It Is Pretty Funny

Image source: Fun_Stick

#27 Pickle Problems

Image source: mcv_inmia

#28 No, It Does Not Have A 2nd Part

Image source: BrknArrw10

#29 Waterproof Level At 100

Image source: Master1718

#30 Don’t Tell Them About Nigeria

Image source: St0pX

#31 She Has Bigger Issues

Image source: 97Vercetti

#32 A Guy Purchased A Watermelon During A Train Stop And Didn’t Realize It Didn’t Fit Through The Bars

Image source: SluggishStudent

#33 Ahm, Who Wants To Tell Her

Image source: IttyBittyHUAC

#34 I Read It On The Internet, It Must Be True

Image source: droi86

#35 Baby Smoothie

Image source: nixxxxxxxxxxxxx1

#36 Welcome To Calculus 101

Image source: plsporo

#37 Halloween Couple Of The Year

Image source: ihastopoop

#38 Hmmm

Image source: Classic-CJ

#39 Idiotic Landlord

Image source: Enderjay10

#40 Student Uses Light On Phone To Charge A Portable Solar Battery So That He Can Charge His Phone

Image source: IKnowICantSpel

#41 She Doesn’t Speak English And I’m 90% Sure That The Last Line Is A Google Translation Of Sugar Daddy And I Can’t Stop Laughing

Image source: DoctorPoopTrain

#42 To Be Fair, It Is A Family Guy

Image source: Maccoul_

#43 It’s A Funny Facepalm Though

Image source: SirAustinOfDunn

#44 Trust No One, Not Even Yourself

Image source: stEPH_u_

#45 How Stupid Soap Opera Can Be

Image source: shaiful182

#46 This Man Trying To Smuggle A Kilo Of Cocaine Under A Wig At The Barcelona Airport

Image source: policia

#47 Sir, Do You Know How Wrong Numbers Work

Image source: wait_whats_illegal

#48 Woman Cuts A Hole In The Face Mask So That It’s Easier To Breathe

Image source: joegotti96

#49 Popular Google Searches Are Making Me Question My Existence

Image source: Sinful_Cat

#50 Me Neither

Image source: richie_rich77

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