20 People Share The Basic Facts Of Life That People Shockingly Don’t Seem To Know

Published 1 year ago

We all have our own modus operandi. It is essentially our user manual to life itself. However, based on differing experiences some folk seem to have missed out on some of the more basic lessons that lead to understanding how to operate on a daily basis in terms of life.

The following collection, is taken from a viral thread to which folks had shared their basic survival advice and things they felt the general public should be aware to make the act of living in this world an easier experience for everyone and with 8 billion people and counting, let’s hope this subject gets the awareness it deserves.

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Image source: aita_writing, NOAA Photo Library

Idk if this is considered basic knowledge but it’s really good to know:

If your car gets stuck in snow, take out the floor mats and stick them under your tires as best you can, in the direction you are wanting to go (so the tires can drive on them). This helps give you some traction. You can reuse this technique as far as needed, just parking, getting out, and moving the floor mats back to right in front/behind your tires.

It irks me when I watch TV shows where the characters get stuck and can’t get out of the snow, when they clearly have floor mats in their car. It has come to my attention over the past couple years that a lot of people don’t know this, so now I try and bring it up every time it remotely comes up in a convo.

Also, keep emergency supplies in your vehicle. Jumper cables, a flashlight and batteries (keep them stored separately because corrosion), food/water, gloves, winter boots if applicable where you are, etc. Also, look up the underwater car episode of Mythbusters, just good to know :)

EDIT: as u/ruetheblue says below, if the snow is covering the tailpipe TURN THE CAR OFF. (Carbon monoxide)


Image source: skabamm, Ibrahim Unal

Drinking alcohol makes a person FEEL warmer but you’re much more susceptible to freezing to death.


Image source: MakennaTalia, RODNAE Productions

Don’t put water on a grease fire. This is when your pan/pot catches fire while cooking.

Cover it with the pot or pan lid and turn off the heat

Edit: people in the replies have also added that baking soda and salt can work to smother the fire. Additionally a grease fire safe extinguisher is a good thing to have in your kitchen.


Image source: FlashTheorie, Peter Olexa

How not to fall for a very obvious scam on the internet


Image source: Bkjasoa, Mark Hesseltine

How long it takes a semi truck to stop


A yield sign means to let the other vehicle go before you, not you trying to beat the other vehicle.

Image source: Always_B_Batman


Image source: Patrick2337, Jose and Roxanne

The little stick on the left side of the steering column of every car is your turn signal. If you push it up, it will tell people around you that you are turning right and push it down to indicate a left turn.


Image source: gbarfoot, Markus Spiske

When your turn signal starts blinking at 2x speed it’s a warning that one of your turn signal bulbs is out.


Image source: haloOFcornflakes, Wendy Wei

ZIPPERING, the method of keeping a sustained stream of traffic from both sides be it merging or whatever.


Image source: soxfan15203, Benson Kua

The left lane is not a hangout lane. Either pass or get the hell out of the left lane.


Image source: 812jlt, Christopher Yarzab

Ride a bike WITH traffic. Walk or run AGAINST traffic.


Image source: paraworldblue, Timur Weber

That homelessness isn’t just caused by bad life choices. It’s very often caused by things outside the person’s control. It’s also a lot harder to come back from homelessness than many people think.


Image source: wrathfulgrape, energepic.com

Each time you make a credit card purchase, you are taking out a short term, high interest loan which will accrue interest if you don’t pay it off by the end of the month.


Image source: ahughes918, Brian Robinson

Measure twice, cut once


Image source: MakennaTalia, Derik DeLong

Where their water shutoff is in their house.


Image source: DarkHorse_6505, Artem Podrez

Vaccines do not cause autism.


Image source: _SILVER_Shadow, Edward Jenner

The words virus, fungus and bacteria aren’t interchangeable


Image source: KnuckledeepinUrethra, baronsquirrel

If someone has just injured their back or head DO NOT MOVE THEM


Image source: Boredandsleeps, Clay Banks

You can’t catch a cold from walking outside with wet hair.

Ps. My mom still believes this to this day.


Image source: velociraptorcock69, mariobonifacio

that alcohol is a depressant, not a stimulant.


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