30 Real-Life Facts That Might Creep You Out, As Shared By People Online

Published 3 years ago

With Halloween behind us, now we can sit back and relax with non-spooky mundane stuff. Or we can discover some bone-chilling creepy facts to continue the spooky mood. Scary costumes and horror movies are thrilling but not real. It’s time to dive into some real-life scary facts that might send a shiver down your spine.

Redditor u/Vacancier1807 started a thread where they asked people to share some very creepy real-life facts, and folks online delivered with some terrifying and weird stuff that most of us probably didn’t want to know. A fair warning to everyone who is going to scroll below: Don’t read these if you can’t handle too much dark info right now!

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Image source: [deleted]

“1 in 100 people are psychopaths.”


Image source: Eustass-

“Your brain can play tricks on you to make you see monsters in the mirror. This is called the Troxler Effect. It’s an optical illusion that affects how you perceive things, both visually and mentally.”


Image source: Nevermore-Nevermore

“Serial Killer Richard Chase took any unlocked door as an invitation to come inside.”


Image source: alien__unknown

“There’s a spider that gives you an hours-long, very painful boner before you die from its bite.”


Image source: squazle

“It’s quite common after you die to burp a lot as you have more gas build up. Dead bodies can also sit up on their own sometimes.”


Image source: allothernamestaken

“It wasn’t until 1987 that the American Academy of Pediatrics declared it unethical to operate on newborns without anesthesia. Until surprisingly recently, the medical community felt it would be dangerous to give infants anesthesia and/or believed that they didn’t feel pain.”


Image source: DocMcCall

“If you get a blood transfusion and get the wrong type of blood, one of the symptoms is ‘a sense of impending doom’.”


Image source: chngminxo

“Since 1900, over 13,000 people have been murdered by serial killers in the USA.”


Image source: bob_rob_III

“Ducks become cannibals due to boredom, of all reasons. They can only be stopped by cutting off their ‘mouths’!”


Image source: starjellyboba

“If the sun exploded right now, you would be blissfully unaware of it for just over eight minutes while the energy travels at the speed of light to get to you.”


Image source: SaltyPeanut69

“Crocodiles can gallop like horses. I don’t like knowing this so I am cursing you people with this knowledge as well. Fortunately, alligators cannot.”


Image source: Sythosz

“There is a genetic disease called fibrodisplaysia ossificans progresiva. When tissue is damaged, it is replaced with bone.

Growths form underneath their skin and their joints lock solid So over time those affected slowly become encased in a prison of bone just beneath their own skin. They usually have to choose between sitting or standing up for the rest of their life. By the end of their life, they have to drink every meal through a straw and can barely move.”


Image source: gjs628

“Bacteria and viruses can be frozen for millions of years and still be viably infectious, and having never encountered humanity before, could have no end of catastrophic results should they be uncovered and manage to infect a person or animal.

Not to worry though, it’s not like millions of ancient pathogens are currently trapped in permafrost which is now melting bit by bit each and every day…”


Image source: [deleted]

“Either somebody knows where Malaysia flight 370 went missing to, or nobody does. Both are equally terrifying.”


Image source: SaiC4

“There’s a parasite that enters a fish’s mouth, eats the tongue, and replaces itself as the fish’s new tongue.”


Image source: [deleted]

“Mount Everest is covered in frozen corpses because removing them is very unsafe and time-consuming. They are easily viewed from the climbing routes and some are used as trail markers.”


Image source: FauxPoesFoes228

“Cockroaches have been recorded eating human flesh, both living and dead, as well as fingernails, eyelashes, feet, and hands. The American cockroach and German cockroach are more likely to bite humans than other species.

Pretty sure Australian cockroaches do something equally creepy, but as an Australian who plans to sleep at some point in the future, I’m not going to google it.”


Image source: fauxcanadian

“If you stifle a sneeze there’s a chance you can damage organs in your head, including eye blood vessels, rupturing your eardrums, and possibly rupture a brain aneurysm. Which means there’s a small chance stifling a sneeze can kill you. Better to be the loud ass with the sneeze that can be heard around the world than a dead loud ass cause someone told you to stifle that sneeze.”


Image source: annaaaaanana

“More than 7000 people die annually due to the doctor’s bad handwriting.”


Image source: ByOrderoftheQueens

“Eventually there will be more dead people on Facebook than alive.”


Image source: ridhan3912

“The Colombian serial killer Pedro Alonso Lopez, who is known as the Monster of the Andes, raped and murdered over 300 girls from Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. However, after he was caught and imprisoned for 18 years, he was put in a psychiatric hospital. There he was reviewed, declared to be sane and was set free, in spite of his blatant avowal that he fully intends to kill again. Since he was released in 1998, nobody knows where he is or what he’s doing. ( He is supposed to be 71 years old at present).He is known for being the most prolific killer ever.”


Image source: nagrom10714

“In 2015, a young woman began to have headaches. They discovered that she had a brain tumor, and when the doctors removed it, they were shocked to see that it was a lump resembling skin that contained bone, teeth, and hair. But this was no parasitic twin: the mass was called a “teratoma,” or “monstrous tumor.” When the woman was an embryo, some cell tissue fell off and ended up where wasn’t supposed to be her brain. It then develop hair and teeth while the rest of her grew as normal.”


Image source: RedAdamGamer18

“There are upwards of 300 active serial killers in the world.”


Image source: TheEldritchHorror

“One reason why crows and ravens are associated with death is because they would often follow armies as they marched into battle. Being both carrion birds and extremely intelligent, they realized that a large group of armed men marching in one direction meant that there would be a tasty meal of corpses to eat soon afterward.”


Image source: IrishIntrovert513

“The smell of a freshly cut lawn is actually a chemical distress signal released from the grass as it’s cut.”


Image source: crossstitchwizard

“Female mummies in Ancient Egypt were always more decomposed than their male counterparts. They discovered that this was because male bodies were embalmed a lot sooner than female bodies. Female bodies were kept at the family home until they started to decompose in order to avoid necrophilia at the embalmers.”


Image source: Whyiseveryonestupid

“The bottom of Lake Superior is cold enough that the bodies of dead sailors just…remain. They don’t really decompose because it’s at freezing temperatures, so they instead get a coating of adipocere, which is liquid body fat, hardened around them.”


Image source: R3dFiv367

“The astronauts aboard the space shuttle Challenger most likely didn’t die until they hit the water miles below the initial explosion.”


Image source: andrew_gusher

“CNN has had a pre-recorded broadcast from the 90’s which they will premiere during the end of the world.”


Image source: Grim53N

“A single tiger has killed over 436 people in India.”

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