45 People Who Came Up With Incredibly Creative Halloween Decorations

Published 5 years ago

Some people take Halloween really seriously. For them, coming up with a creative costume and carving a pumpkin is not enough – they want to go all out. And what better way to show your Halloween spirit than by decorating your house with all sorts of spooky decorations!

People are sharing their amazing Halloween decorations and we’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed by their creativity. Giant dragons, frightening skeletons, and even giant Cookie Monsters – check out the incredibly creative decorations that won Halloween in the gallery below!

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#1 My Neighbor’s Only Halloween Decoration

Image source: FinishedTitan

#2 This Full-Sized Dragon Decoration Someone Put On Their House For Halloween

Image source: schwandt

#3 Great Decoration For Dia De Muertos In México

Image source: San Pedro Tláhuac Tradicional

#4 Part Of The Halloween Display My Wife And Kids Put Together

Image source: Dilligaf_Bazinga

#5 A Restaurant In My Town Dressed Up For Halloween Ghost Busters Style

Image source: denrae-

#6 First Halloween In Our New Home! Sorry, Neighbors, We’re That House

Image source: CaseByCase

#7 Making The Best Out Of A Bad Situation

Image source: Whoshabooboo

#8 I Made This For Halloween

Image source: spongejr12

#9 IT Department’s Decoration

Image source: slibberden

#10 Our Office Party Planning Committee May Have Gone A Bit Overboard This Year

Image source: steelerchief

#11 We Decorated The Truck For Halloween

Image source: dt_jenny

#12 My Neighbor’s Halloween Decoration

Image source: WhatsRightWhatsLeft

#13 DIY Halloween Decorations

Image source: MapleGlazedMoose

#14 Made This For Our Yard

Image source: flimflamwhizbang

#15 Simple, But Effective

Image source: jbpawlak

#16 Scary Homemade Halloween Decorations

Image source: Allypent

#17 House Set Up In My Neighborhood

Image source: chaos_ensued

#18 I Think My Neighbor Won The Halloween Decor Contests Even Though There Wasn’t One

Image source: mzol14

#19 My Friend’s Decorations To Celebrate Halloween And The 50th Anniversary Of The Beatle’s “Abbey Road” Album

Image source: JLamb56

#20 She Wins Halloween

Image source: djeclipz

#21 Our Neighborhood Really Loves Halloween

Image source: chocolate_babies

#22 My Local Bar Dressed Up For Halloween

Image source: creatureofchaos

#23 Homemade Halloween Witch Decoration

Image source: hunterschmidt0455772

#24 Turned This Free Statue From A Flea Market Into My New Halloween Decoration

Image source: Florixia

#25 Mr. Stark, I Don’t Feel So Good…

Image source: RobertDowneyJr

#26 I Woke Up To An Amazon Package Being Delivered And The Delivery Woman Decided To Have Some Fun With My Halloween Decoration On My Front Porch

Image source: MrBrainwashed

#27 Halloween Decorations On A Building, Sunderland, UK

Image source: totallymintlike

#28 Woke Up This Morning To 6 Cops, A Fire Truck, And An Ambulance At My Door Because A Passing Car Was Concerned About The One Halloween Decoration I Neglected To Take Down

Image source: MahatmaBlondhi

#29 Found This House While Driving Around Looking At Halloween Decorations

Image source: darth_melodious

#30 City Of Manchester Celebrating Halloween With Large Inflatable Monsters On Buildings

Image source: fatboyslick

#31 My Wife Decided To Dress Up Her House Plants For Halloween. We Now Have A Haunted Forrest In Our Living Room

Image source: egzo

#32 This Halloween Decor At My Wal-Mart

Image source: lemmeseeyourkitties

#33 This Train My Neighbor Is Building Out Of Used Plastic Bottles For Halloween

Image source: adrianalemur

#34 My Neighbor’s Halloween Decorations

Image source: wallflower_willow

#35 Zombie Horse

Image source: Alexahadid

#36 Saw This At My Neighbor’s House This Morning

Image source: Dougie Gray

#37 Blursed Decor

Image source: intel_core_i5_2400

#38 You Know It’s Halloween In New York When People Cover Their Apartments In Giant Spiderwebs

Image source: amypearson_

#39 My Only Halloween Decorations This Year

Image source: Lejundary

#40 Newest Halloween Decoration

Image source: Blueb3

#41 My Mom’s Spooktober Yard Decor

Image source: yyooiinnkk

#42 I Drive Past This Everyday

Image source: too_old_4_this_crap

#43 What I Did Today: Tape Ghosts! Not The Best And Still Need To Add Lights But Getting There

Image source: PeekaBoo912

#44 Deadly Halloween Tableau Too Realistic For Some. Neighbours Called 911

Image source: ersal

#45 I Don’t Think The Uber Riders Will Find My Halloween Decoration As Funny As I Do

Image source: blahblahblah1992

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