20 Things Wealthy Individuals Don’t Know And Don’t Have To Deal With, As Shared In This Viral Thread

Published 1 year ago

There’s a lot of talk online these days about the disparities between the rich and the poor. The media recently even reported that rich celebrities such as Jackie Chan and Gordon Ramsay intend to not leave an inheritance for their children saying, that the kids should learn to make it on their own and while the sentiment might be well-intended, how realistic is it in today’s economy?

The following statements were made by folks online who were recently discussing on reddit, things that poor people know all too well but that the rich have not experienced as much. Scroll below for a list of issues having money can solve in a heartbeat and don’t forget to share your own observations in the comments sections.

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Drinking water stops the hunger for a short while


Image source: ElizabethEC, Tim Samuel

When your parents are lying to you saying they’re full when they’re not so you can have the last bite.


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Desperation. Getting to a point that you will do anything to be able to feed yourself or your child, even if it means selling your posessions, or your body.


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How long it takes for the power company to shut your lights off if you’re late on the bill


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The feeling of watching all your friends go on a field trip without you because your parents couldn’t afford it.


How to make it happen (for better or worse). Poorer folks know how to work through incredible restrictions such that their kids don’t realize that they’re poor, how to fund a vacation they didn’t know they could until the week of, how to make a car that isn’t suitable transportation get to work and back for 6 more months, how to make a bad marriage last for 5 more years because it’s the only or best relationship they’ve ever known. More well off folks make everything a catastrophe when things don’t go exactly how they planned despite never knowing actual hardship from those plans not working.

Edit: seeing downvotes. Sorry your deal fell through and this thing that’s never existed in your life will not be added to your resume and I should feel bad because your dad said it would be really important but wow 2 years later and here’s another. Enjoy it! You earned it!

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Cardboard is an excellent insulator and will keep you warm on the street if you’ve got nothing else. Pad the ground before you cover yourself – you’ll lose most of your heat to the concrete otherwise.

You can eat ramen without cooking it. Often known as ghetto cookies.

Smokeable cigarette butts are currency when you’re poor enough. Mixing said tobacco with marijuana in your pipe will make both last longer.

When giving someone Narcan to prevent an OD, make sure they’re lying on their back, not their side.

The experience of being unable to go inside to escape freezing cold for more than 48 hours at a time.

Knowing the location of every church, library, police station and shelter within walking distance.

That two weeks on the street will completely destroy your average pair of shoes.

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That there is no family to help you out financially in though situations.

No BIG inheritance waiting for you.

Nothing nil zilch!

No money is NO MONEY !

At all!


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How to cook a chicken. I mean like really cook a chicken

Roast the whole bird. Eat 1 breast

Remove the other breast, thigh meat and any other light meat you can

Throw the carcass in a slow cooker for 8 hours with cheap stock cubes, whatever herbs you can afford and the cutoffs from the roast veg – carrot tops, potato peelings etc.

Drain pot into a jug to keep the stock, then pick through the carcass with your fingers for all the meat that now comes off easily

Return that meat and some veg to the pot for 4/8 hours to make a stew

Use the rest of the saved meat for another meal.

A 1.2kg chicken does me for 5 days this way. It’s something I learned from my mum, whose mother raised 3 kids on a very low income post WW2 – this is how they would make the Christmas chicken work for multiple days


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That we don’t have the same rights as rich people.

I mean, yeah, the same laws apply to everyone, but if you’re poor you can’t afford lawyers and are not able to skip work to go to court. And landlords and bosses know this and will drag any procedure as long as possible until you quit.


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1)Putting water in shampoo, conditioner or body wash so it’s “more”,

2)Eating the same food everyday specially at the end of a month,

3)Walking long distances because can’t afford transportation,

4)Watching friends go on vacations when the most they got is going to grandma’s house for *vacation*,

4)Never being able to celebrate birthdays,

5)Parents promising to buy something but they never do,

6)Dad repairing the same shoes again and again just so his children can have better things,

7)Moms skipping meals and lying about it,

8)spending the hot days without a fan because the electricity bill will be too much.

9)Giving parents the money you got as gift from relatives so it can be used for the household etc

10)Pushing yourself to study hard, overwork yourself so you don’t have to pay for education (scholarships)

This is how a “lower middle class” family works in a 3rd world country. My dad got scammed of so much of his pension money and things aren’t going well. Inflation is hell. I’m so glad I got scholarship for university and never have to pay for education. That’s the best I could do for my poor parents. Because I know if I didn’t get the scholarship they’d loan money for it and that’d be so hard to pay off. Also the unknown illness of mother… Can be cancerous. Idk, wdk, she suffers .

Sorry it’s like a vent. I had to pay 75% of my monthly money for rent today(I was late to pay). Rest of this month, same free meal from my campus.


Image source: StickyPurpleSauce, Jonathan Cutrer

It can be cyclic

E.g. Low income means old second-hand cars, which means poor reliability, high maintenance costs and unreliable work attendance. Car difficulty discourages longer commutes or those without public transport alternatives – further restricting employment opportunities. Limited or unstable employment worsens income and prevents investment in more reliable cars, etc.

The difficulty is finding an exit opportunity to end the positive feedback loop


that getting a job and moving out at 18 isn’t as easy as people on reddit think it is

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The sheer joy when once a year as a kid, you could have an outfit that hadn’t already been worn by at least 3 other kids before you. This includes underwear.


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How to make one pad last the whole day


Image source: Kylian139, 401(K) 2012

The pressure of living to the next paycheck, with no safety net if anything unexpected happens


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Life is flimsy. Most people are only a series of choices away from losing everything. The middle classes tend not to see it because when enough choices have been made, society doesn’t see the person anymore. The poor have less choices, and can often see rock bottom from where they are. For some, they resign themselves to letting the fall happen. Others run from it.


that if you add water to an empty A1 bottle, it makes more steak sauce with no taste difference

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To walk into a grocery store with a list, get everything on it, and go home to put up groceries as it’s just another item to check off of your to-do list.


Finding everything on sale or generic, weighing the cost of fuel into how much driving you do to get groceries on sale, not getting everything on your list due to costs yet knowing what the food bank gives out that you don’t need to buy while also hoping the church you pretend to go to will have a good week with donations.

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How much confidence you lost when you are poor. It seems like everyone around you look down on you. You keep doubting yourself for no good reason

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