17 Things This TikToker Wished He’d Known Before Turning 30

Published 2 years ago

They say you are never too old to learn. Even when you are 70+ years old and think you’ve seen and heard it all, it’s doubtful. Remember, there is no shame in not knowing. Not even the most intelligent people in the world know everything. Simply because life is far too complex to have all the answers. Don’t stress it, and learn as you go. If not from your own mistakes, then learn from the slip-ups of others who kindly pass their precious wisdom to the peeps online.

And one of them is TikToker Sidneyraz. You have likely stumbled upon at least one of his TikToks on your For You page. On his page, with over 2.7M followers, he is “telling you things I didn’t know before I was in my 30s.” While some discoveries can be pretty obvious to some people, many of the tricks he unravels could come in handy in everyday situations. Or perhaps solve some of the daily struggles you thought had no other solution than to just bear with it. Have you ever wondered why the center of your plate never heats up as much as the food along the rims does? Sidneyraz might have unveiled a reason for that too…

Scroll below to learn some life tips and tricks this TikToker has discovered, and check part 1 if you haven’t already!

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#1 The Best Way To Reheat Pizza

Image source: sidneyraz

The two ways that I know of are in the microwave or in the oven. The third one: put the pizza in a pan, pour water, and cover it with foil. Tastes like a fresh pizza.

#2 How You’re Actually Supposed To Use An Air Freshener

Image source: sidneyraz

Your tree can last up to seven weeks if you follow these steps. Each week expose more or less of tree. There’s even a diagram for us.

#3 How You’re Actually Supposed To Dry Shoes In The Dryer

Image source: sidneyraz

Go to the dryer, tie the shoes together, open the dryer, put the shoes in, turn on the dryer.

#4 The Blow Dryer Has A Filter You’re Supposed To Clean

Image source: sidneyraz

#5 There’s A Way To Clean In Between The Glass On The Oven. Apparently It’s At The Bottom

Image source: sidneyraz

#6 How You’re Actually Supposed To Wear Running Shoes

Image source: sidneyraz

This little hole is called a “heel lock” and you’re supposed to use it. Same side lace goes through the hole, the opposite side lace goes through that loop and heel gets locked.

#7 You’re Supposed To Microwave Things On The Outside Of The Microwave Tray

Image source: sidneyraz

#8 How To Tie A Robe

Image source: sidneyraz

You don’t put the rope in the back, take it out, put it in the front, and then tie. It’s nice and tighter.

#9 You’re Supposed To Shake Out The Popcorn Kernels That Haven’t Popped Through This Little Opening

Image source: sidneyraz

#10 How To Control A Pour From Any Container That Has One Of These

Image source: sidneyraz

Take it out, put it back in upside down, and pour.

#11 You’re Supposed To Apply Deodorant At Night

Image source: sidneyraz

The complete opposite of what all of us thought.

#12 The Reason Why Jackets Have Shoulder Straps

Image source: sidneyraz

They were originally designed to keep backpacks ammunition pouches or bayonets from slipping off your shoulder.

#13 There’s A Lock For The Mustard Cap

Image source: sidneyraz

#14 How You’re Actually Supposed To Light A Candle With More Than One Wick

Image source: sidneyraz

You do not light them one by one. You light one and then use that to light the others.

#15 Zippers Have A Lock

Image source: sidneyraz

The lock automatically locks when no force is placed on the tab-pull. Let’s test this out. Tab pulled down – locked. Tab pulled slightly up – unlocked.

#16 The Easiest Way To Open Up This Annoying Seal

Image source: sidneyraz

With that little piece of plastic, take the cap and push it down. Just use the cap.

#17 You Can Pick Up Hard Boiled Eggs With A Whisk

Image source: sidneyraz

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