Guy Uses 6 Different Types Of Masks To Show How Effective Each One Is At Stopping The Spread Of The Virus

Published 4 years ago

Wearing a face mask during the pandemic sounds pretty logical, right? Well, maybe for you and me – but clearly not for everyone. Apparently, some people still think that having to wear a face mask in public is some sort of government conspiracy while in reality, it’s simply a protective measure to ensure you and those around you don’t spread the virus. And here’s another thing – they’re only effective if everyone is wearing them. And to show that face masks aren’t some sort of government mind control device (as crazy as it may sound), Filipino man Vince Limbaring Dizon, aka @vihannce08 on TikTok, created a video showing how effective 6 different types of masks are at stopping the virus using a simple lighter trick.

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Filipino man Vince Limbaring Dizon created a simple video showing the effectiveness of 6 different types of face masks

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Believe it or not, Vince isn’t just your regular influencer who advertises FitTea on social media – he is actually a Medical Technologist and only creates TikTok videos to bring a little joy to the world. In one of his latest videos, the man filmed himself wearing 6 different types of face masks, ranging from a simple shirt on his face to an N95 mask, and trying to blow out a lighter with each one. Needless to say, the results varied greatly.

The man tried to blow out a lighter wearing each one of them and the results varied greatly

Image credits: Vince Limbaring Dizon

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, the man said that when he sees something helpful, cool, or innovative, he wants to show it to people, hoping the educate them and raise awareness. “I’m overwhelmed that my own simple curiosity made an impact on everyone who’s seen my video,” added the man.

Image credits: Vince Limbaring Dizon

Wearing a homemade mask or a shirt over your mouth had almost the same effect as wearing no mask at all – it was only when it came to surgical masks that some sort of effect was noticeable.

Shirts and homemade masks had almost the same effect as wearing no mask at all

Image credits: Vince Limbaring Dizon

“I think it depends on how they perform the test and the quality of the mask they use, where it is bought, and how it is manufactured,” pondered the man. “But yes, I’d say no one product fits all. Again, my intention is just to educate and create awareness.”

It was only when it came to surgical masks that an effect was noticeable

Image credits: Vince Limbaring Dizon

The N95 and copper masks seemed to be the most effective

Image credits: Vince Limbaring Dizon

Of course, the N95 and copper masks were the most effective, causing absolutely no effect to the lighter’s flame, meaning they filtered out the most particles and reduced outward airflow the best.

Vince’s TikTok got over 3.6 M views in just a few days

Image credits: Vince Limbaring Dizon

The video was watched over 3.6 million times on TikTok, and then another 7 M after it was reshared on Twitter. Vince was very surprised as he didn’t expect it to go viral. “I only intended to show it to a few of my friends. But, I’m very grateful that it turned out fine and people are loving it,” said the man.

Image credits: Vince Limbaring Dizon

The man says that there are a lot of things he wishes we knew before the pandemic. “It’s not just about wearing a mask, hoarding up on toilet papers and disinfectants…” explained Vince. “I wish we knew better how to shine brightly for ourselves, to be able to help others and be a better human in every way.”

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